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CBT Session Five

No description

Isabella McDonald

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of CBT Session Five

CBT Session Five
Identifying unhelpful thoughts and thinking about behaviours
Today's Plan
1. Reviewing the week/ weekend - what was a good moment?

2. Identifying thoughts and labeling them (video)

3. Reviewing the home task - labeling thoughts, balancing thoughts, taking a different perspective

4. Looking at behaviours and coping strategies - which work well? which don't work well?

5. Trying breathing exercises
Kung Fu Panda
Thought record
Fact or opinion?

Have you used positive thinking this week?

To do
: complete the judge worksheet for one of the thoughts

Home task
- thought record/ STOPP/ reading about metaphors - choose one you like the sound of.
Thinking about behaviours
What do you do when you feel the anxiety or the worry?

What helped you cope and get through it?
What didn’t you do or what did you avoid doing?
What were the consequences of what you did? Did it affect the way you felt later?

Now ask yourself, what could you have done differently?
What would someone else have done in that situation? (it might help to think about particular people that you know)

If I had paused, and taken a breath, what would I have done?
Write down several options that you might have done differently if it had occurred to you, then ask yourself:
If I had tried that, how would the situation have been different?
How would it have affected what you felt?
How would it have affected what you thought?
Practising breathing
Taking a breathe and "stepping back" (STOPP)

Mindful breathing
can help to combat the "fight or flight" in the anxiety

Focussing on the moment - using your breathe as an "anchor" or centre
You will be constantly distracted by intrusive thoughts, sounds, images, sensations - but that's ok.
The only aim of mindfulness is to notice when your mind wanders, and repeatedly to bring your attention back to your breathing, or perhaps to an activity you are engaged in.

Thoughts, feelings, behaviours
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