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Which Material Absorbs The Most Liquid? (Water)

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Nashitah Rahman

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Which Material Absorbs The Most Liquid? (Water)

Our Central Idea:

Materials can undergo permanent or temporary changes that affect thier properties and use. The Line Of Inquiry We Are Focusing On:

* Physhical and chemical changes of materials. Project Title:

Which Material Absorbs The Most Liquid? Our Group Members:

Adil How We Did The Experiment:

We had 6 different types of materials. Plastic, Shiffon, Silk, Polyester, Jute and Cotton. We attached the little pieces of materials to 6 different cups with rubber bands. . Then,we put 20 drops of water over the materials.
And we observed which material will absorb the most liquid. We also tried putting oil, wax and acrylic paint over the materials to see if anything changes. Our Observations: Polyester absorbs the most liquid (water).

Shiffon repelles the most liquid.

Water leaks most through Jute. Our Observations: We tried putting wax, oil and acrylic paint
over the materials. If we put wax on top of any material, and put water through it, it becomes waterproof. As you know, water and oil never mix together. So, if you put oil on any material and put water through, it only soaks.
And if we put acrylic paint on top on any material, and put water through it, it ripples. Thank You!!!!!!! Prezi Made By: Us
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