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Libertarian Party

No description

aileen hill

on 25 November 2017

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Transcript of Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party
Background Information
On December 11, 1971, the Libertarian Party was founded by a man named David Nolan. This party is considered an Ideological Party. Which means that they are devoted to a certain set of comprehensive beliefs dealing with political and social ideas that are not considered "mainstream."
Economic Issues
"The Party of Principle"
Where the Libertarian Party stands on controversial topics and issues:
Most Libertarians treat the US Constitution as a sacred document. They believe that America is "going down the drain" because our government leaders no longer respect our Constitution.

the constitution
The Libertarian Party believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights should not be suspended during time of war.
War should only start in the occurrence of another country attacking the United States of America first. War is justified only in defense. Their plan is to eliminate intervention by the US abroad.
Military in General
They support having a military to defend the United States, but disapprove of America using the military to be "policemen" of the world.
They believe that the government should keep out of the matter. This is a moral decision for the parent to make. The question should be left up to each person for their conscientious consideration.
The government should not treat immigrants any different in society. They believe that there should be unrestricted access for political refugees and restricted access for threats.
Education should be provided by the free market. The education of children is a parental responsibility. This authority is granted by the government to determine the education of their kids, without the government interfering.
The Libertarian Party supports cutting spending and opposes raising taxes. They want to repeal all income taxes.
This Party wants a free-market health care system. They want individuals to be able to determine the level of health insurance, the level of health care, the care providers, the medicines and treatments they will use and want and all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions. They also want people to be able to purchase health insurance across state lines.

The Libertarian Party believes that all people have the right to offer goods and services on the market. They also believe that free-market approaches are the most effective at improving people's lives.
In conclusion
The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in our society. Although this party does not receive as much attention as the Republican and Democratic Parties, they do challenge the two major parties and change the outcome of the election. Their most important job as a third party is to influence policy on one or more issues.
By: Aileen Hill
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