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Rules and Procedures

No description

Michael DeMaranville

on 7 November 2015

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Transcript of Rules and Procedures

Classroom rules

1. Everybody Shall Be Respected.

2. We Shall Maintain an Environment Suitable for Learning.

3. Other rules we need
How will we show our respect for:
- each other
- the teacher
- ourselves

Brainstorm and write out specific procedures
1a. When my classmates are presenting, I will focus on them, without talking or engaging in other activities.

Learning Environment
Class discussions
2a. Class discussions are open, but if they become chaotic, my teacher will select students through raising hands.

No discrimination
1b. Comments that are offensive racially, culturally, or based on gender are forbidden.

Inquiring into racial, cultural, or gender stereotypes in an open-minded and non-offensive way may be permitted if it is relevant to the topic matter.
Rules and Procedures
1c. Mocking and bullying
are prohibited. This includes
labeling and name calling.

No Bullying
1g. I act with academic honesty.
In this way, I respect the work of
the original authors as well as
myself and my own ideas.
1d. When I am put into a group,
I do not complain about my group members.

Forming groups
1e. When my teacher is explaining
something, I will be attentive and
take notes as necessary.

Pay attention
1f. I do not damage the classroom
equipment. This includes avoiding activities that are inappropriate for the classroom, such as sports, running, ball games, etc.

Respect the classroom
Respect myself
Establishing procedures
In consultation with
the teacher, you
(the students)
may choose procedures
that match the rules.

2b. Food and drink shall not be eaten
during pair work, group or class discussions.

Under other circumstances food and drink are permitted.

Food and drink
2c. In group work,
all members have an assigned role and fulfill their duties.

Group work
2d. During reading time or
class work, only quiet
conversations are permitted.

Quiet Time
2e. Students should collaborate by working together, sharing resources, and helping each other.

In consultation with their
teacher, the students shall establish the process and consequences for when the rules are violated.

If something about our
rules and procedures is not working, we will hold a class council to discuss how it could be improved.


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Image Credits
Grade: 7

Michael DeMaranville and Nate Binzen
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