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Middle Eastern Period 2: Iraq Project

Johnny, Brooke

Chandler Carter

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Middle Eastern Period 2: Iraq Project

Geography of The Middle East: Iraq

Persian Gulf flows beside Iraq
Tigris and Euphrates also run through center
Area = 169,235 square miles
land varies between desert plains and mountainous regions
Climate = mostly hot
mild in the winters
Population = 35.9 million
85% = Arab; 90% = Muslim
Central government = corrupt and ineffective
Iraq’s economy = unstable since 2013
ISIS controls 1/3 of the country
ISIS also imposes a high cost on the economy.
Oil is the strongest industry
provides more than 90% of government revenue.
Very financially unstable

Iraq is located in western Asia and is bordered by Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Its coordinates are 33.3333 degrees North, and 44.4333 degrees East.

Human-Environment Interaction
Primary Natural Resources: Coal & Petroleum Oil
Iraq reports its proven oil reserves at
112 billion barrels
Iraqi people are constantly threatened with attacks because people covet their rich resources
Other resources include: salt, gypsum, and sulfur
Positive trade balance of $38.6B

OPEC - Crude Oil


To where does
Iraq import and
export too?
Imports & Exports
Zagros Mountains run through Northern Iraq, Southwestern Iran, and Eastern Turkey
Most inhabitants live on the coastline of the Persian Gulf
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers run through the country
Most populated cities: Baghdad, Basra, and Al Mawsil al Jadidah
Most common languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Persian
Extra Information
Brooke Amodei, Chandler Carter, Johnny Dorio
Very common to leave Iraq
Generous hospitality

Family and honor are of paramount importance

Food is primarily influenced by neighboring countries cusines

Meals are commonly eaten on the floor

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