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Copy of Copy of Audit Marketing : Iphone 5 communication

No description

Mohamed Ali

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Audit Marketing : Iphone 5 communication


iPhone 5s launch in INDIA
Why did we choose to analyze this product ?
Apple success story
Scheduled launch in India on 03Nov
150,000 Pre-orders
'Low cost' $ 499
Each time Apple launches a product, it is a worldwide event
iPhone 5s
Table of contents :

01. Introduction : Why iPhone 5s in India?
02. Macro-environment
03. Micro-environment
04. SWOT analysis
05. Strategic plan
06. Marketing strategy
07. 4P's
08. Communication plan
09. Brand extension
10. Conclusion
More than 390 stores

2012 Turnover : 156.53 billion dollars

Profit : 41.66 billion dollars
Some economic factors which are taken into considerations are:

The economic growth
Interest rate regime
The exchange rate policy
Social factors include the demographic and cultural aspects such as:
The population growth rate,
Buying habits,
Education level,
Social classes,
Increasing competition and rapid technological changes
Customers switch easily from one brand to another
Increasing level of usage in etechnology such as online payments, internet browsing, online banking

It include ecological and health and safety requirements aspects with regards to:

Green requirements
Heath issues
Adherence to the legal environment of the host country.
- on selling online or
- to operate and set up its own retail stores.
Many mobile phones have tried, but only a few can equal the iPhone and it keeps the throne of the Smartphones
Samsung Galaxy S3
Nokia Lumia 920
Other smartphones are always compared to the Iphone => free promotion

"The brand Apple would not any more need to spend money in advertising to launch its products"
Phil Schiller
Apple Marketing Director
Instead, the company relies on two main strategies:

Rely on the media to create buzz for its products through positive reviews.

Product placement in TV shows and movies.
Strategic Plan
Mission & values
3 Tier
Increase market share
Maximize profits
Redefining use of mobile phone
Conquer new type of customer
Make the premium brand affordable
Devise a cost leadership strategy
Digital media revolution
The biggest value here is that the iPhone combines so many things people had to carry with them into one portable device
Offer and Demand
Demand for the iPhone 5s is breaking all records.
iPhone 5 sales jumped 400% to nearly 400,000 handsets each month in India.
The pre-bookings for the 'low cost' iPhone 5s is growing as we get closer to the launch date
India has seen steady GDP growth and the literacy rate along with purchasing power increased considerably.
Apple’s target segments consist of professionals, students, corporate users and entrepreneurs.
iPhone 5s 4P's
Touchscreen-based smartphone
4.2" screen
120 grams, thickness of 7.2mm
iOS 7 processor
The price depends on the memory capacity of the device
16, 32 or 64 GB. According to this memory, the price will increase from $ 499 to 799.
Apple Stores
Other Stores
Communicati n plan
Coverage throughout India
Above the line
Below the line

Public relations
Direct marketing
Brand Extension
There are generally some apps which are seen only on a male iPhone and a selected few apps on a female iPhone!
More colors for iPhone's accessories than just the classic white
Pre-order package on Apple's website
It will be possible to choose on the website among the apps, protections and colors in order not to have the same iPhone like everybody
So why not anticipate this phenomenon especially in India?
New Brand Extension
Intense competition
Strong image
Created an "Apple way of life"
Values creation marketing

Thank you all for your attention
Any Questions ??

Mohamed Zulfiqar Ali
Mubarak Al Harthi
Razak Sayd
Parwez Mohamud

High price apple products

Incompatibility with different OS

Patent infringements

Further changes in management

Defects of new products


High demand of iPad mini and iPhone 5

Growth of tablet and smartphone markets

Obtaining patents through Acquisitions

Damages from patent Infringements

Strong growth of mobile advertising market

Increasing demand for icloud based services
Rapid technological change

2013 tax increases

Breached IP rights

Price pressure from Samsung over key components

Strong dollar

Android OS growth

Competitors moves in online music market

Mission statement
" Apple designs MACs, the best personal computers in the world, along with ios X, ilife, iwork and professional softwares. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its ipod and itunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone industry with its revolutionary iphone & appstore and is defining the future"
Our vision
"Apple is committed to bringing the best computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings"
India is the 3rd largest
economy in PPP index.
Forecast of Sales revenue for the
iPhone 5s in 2013; cross $ 1bn
The unique pricing schemes will position our product in India.
*EMI-Equal Monthly Instalment
*Cash discount
*Down payment + EMI
Students will be given additional discount based on stream. Corporate packages.
Political Factors :
It is to what degree the government intervenes in the economy.It includes areas such as:

Political stability
Tax policy
Trade restrictions
Marketing Plan
Customer loyalty with expanding closed ecosystem

Leading innovator in mobile technology

Strong financial performance

Brand reputation

Retail stores and strong marketing & advertising teams
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