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on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Florida

By: Jannine, Tyler and Gwyneth
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Economy and Resources
Fun Facts
Historical Location
*Capitol - Tallahassee
*Governor - Rick Scott (republican)
*FL=abbreviation for Florida
*Reviews constitution every 20 years
Everglades National park
Florida makes money by...
*Orange farms
*Florida football games
*stores, hotels, and resorts
1763- England takes position of Florida
1845- March 3,Florida becomes part of the USA
1928- Hurricane hits,more
than 2500 people die
1971- Disney World opens
1992- Hurricane Andrew hits
*Swamps, rivers and lakes
*South is flat
*Florida is the second lowest state
This is a weather map. It shows the average weather.
This is a physical map. A physical map shows counties, cities, and states.
This is a population map.This kind of map shows the population in each area.
This is a elevation map it shows the elevation in each area of somewhere.
Economic location
Geographic Location
Choice Location

Political Location
*Florida has three professional footballs teams, Miami Dolphins, Jaguars, and Buccaneers
*Disney World is in Florida
*A python ate an alligator and exploded in Florida's Everglades National park

*Florida's state bird is a mockingbird
*Abbreviation is FL
*in 2012 19.32 million was the population
*Sabal Palm is the state tree
*the first european to come to Florida was Juan Ponce DE Leon
*the state flower is the Orange blossom
*This is the state flag of Florida:
*They are famous for oranges
*Everglades is home to 14 endangered species and 9 threatened species
*Everglades is 734 sq miles
*Everglades is called The River of Grass
*The water in Everglades is salt and fresh water
*The capitol is Tallahassee
*It is 10 acres
*The governor is Rick Scott
* Tallahassee was chosen as the capital of American Florida in 1824
*The Four Seasons Disney world is a hotel in Disney world in Orlando
*It is 50,300 acres
*It opened in 1955
*There are over 58,000 employees


*A ticket costs over $200 sometimes
*It was a baseball stadium for 18 years
*There are 40 players on the team
*It has hosted 5 super bowls
Sun Life stadium
*John F. Kennedy space station has been launching space shuttles since 1968.
*It is named after a famous president
*It is the fourth largest structure in
volume in the world.
*13,100 people worked there in 2011

John F. Kennedy Space Station
*Has the Orange Bowl, a college football bowl game.
*Its old name was Joe Robbie Stadium
Disney World
(This is the Four
Seasons Resort
at the park.)=
Sun Life Stadium to Everglades national parks 79.4 miles
Everglades National Park to John F. Kennedy Space Center 353 miles
John F. Kennedy Space Center to Tallahassee capital building 664 miles
Tallahassee capital building to Disney World 923 miles
Disney World to WCE 2761 miles
Total distance 4780.4 miles

Road Trip Distance
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