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Copy of Theme vs. Topic Tree

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Lana Eldredge

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Theme vs. Topic Tree

What will we learn today?
So what is a topic?
We will distinguish between
for themes and
Themes can be stated or implied.
Topics and Themes are like trees.
Themes can be STATED.
The narrator will say what the
of the story is in a sentence or two within the story.
Look for evidence in the text that supports the stated theme.
Response to Intervention
Themes can be
The narrator does
say what the theme is.
Readers infer the theme
text evidence for support
There can be more than one theme woven into a story.
Pay attention to the plot, character development, setting, and symbols to help identify theme or message of a story.
Topic vs. Theme
Think about the story's general overall message.
The topic answers the question, "What did I learn about that will help me in life?"
Topics do
involve opinions.
A topic is one or two words.
What is a theme?
It might be a word or an idea that has been repeated through the text.
Be happy with what you have.
Love conquers all.
Theme is a
about the topic that teaches the reader about life.
Theme can apply to all people and is
Hard work pays off in the end.
The me
ssage or moral.

A theme deals with the meaning or lesson of a story.

Accept others differences.
Ask yourself, "What have I learned about life?"
Theme states an
Theme comes from our own heads.
Is this a topic or a theme?
Happiness exists in company.
What is the topic?
Love is a battlefield.
When you look at this picture, is the theme implied or stated?
What topics are you thinking about?
The trunk of the tree is easier to see and so you understand....
Theme Topics
The story (text evidence) is in the leaves...
The topic is the trunk, slightly shaded from the leaves...


is deep in the branches, growing up from the trunk
but can be uncovered by the leaves

(text evidence in the story)

If the leaves are like the evidence in a story, the topic is like the trunk of a tree.
Theme is like the branches of a tree, hidden within the
leaves (evidence in the story).
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