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Super Bowl Commercials

No description

Jamie Seyler

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Commercials
Background Information
What is the Superbowl?
A championship game played by the NFL annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences
Important Factors

Gender and Superbowl viewers
1. Do males watch the Superbowl more than females?
2. Can students recall any commercials?
3. Why do students watch the Superbowl?

4. Did the commercials catch the audiences' attention?
5. Do competitors potentially harm their business?
6. Was the commercial beneficial to the company?

Hypothesis Question:

Are Superbowl Commercials really effective?
What kind of testing?
Sampling Plan?
Conducted surveys from surveymonkey.com via email and social media (Twitter and Facebook)
Targeted audience was students of Wilkes and Wilkes athletes
Hey, watch this!
Null: More Wilkes students thought the commercial was not entertaining
Alt: More Wilkes students thought the commercial was more
entertaining than not
ALT: More students watch the commercials than the average
NULL: Not more students watch the commercials than the average
Two Sample, Two Tailed
How many females watch the Superbowl?
Null: More females do not watch the Superbowl than males
Alt: More females watch the Superbowl than males
2 sample, 2 tailed for the mean
Coca Cola Profit, January-March 2012

Graph taken from Y charts:
We can conclude that....
Superbowl commercials are more entertaining to Wilkes Students
There is no direct relation between profit and Superbowl Commercials
Commercials are more for entertainment than for business
What about the Commercials?
For every 30 seconds, it costs 3.7-3.8 million dollars for every company
Commercials are aired throughout the football game
How many
students watch the commercials?
Are the Superbowl Commercials entertaining to Wilkes Students?
Do Superbowl Commercials effect a companies profit?
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