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Social Media e HR

Incontro AIDP 16 giugno 2011

Luca Solari

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Social Media e HR

HR 2.0: quali frontiere?
Evolutionary paradigm
Evolutionary based management
Organic paradigm
Evidence based management
Job fitting
Job design
Scientific based management
Mechanical paradigm
Society is ...
Your organization should not be
formal and rigid
selfish and mean
single goal blinded
Job crafting
Corporate Sensemaker
Social Scientist
revealing experience...
How to react to Social Media?
But organizations are:
cooperation efforts (Barnard, 1938) defined by
existing and available SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY (Stinchcombe, 1965)

My task is to let you recognize IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND TASK
1. Define YOUR Social Media Policy
2. Employer branding and E-recruitment
3. Social Media Integration
4. Social Business Re-engineering
1. Define YOUR Social Media Policy
2. Employer branding and E-recruitment
3. Social Media Integration
4. Social Business Re-engineering
In the past, Red Hat had relied largely on outside search partners to supply top talent. But using the LinkedIn Recruiter platform, its recruiters have access to a growing database of more than 80 million members in 200 countries. Brock said 75 percent of Red Hat hires had LinkedIn profiles before they were hired, which he said “is a leading indicator someone is right for our company.”

Red Hat identifies roles and regions where LinkedIn is most effective “based on historical tendencies and job seeker patterns” and uses that information to design targeted candidate sourcing strategies. For tough-to-fill positions, the company might post questions in LinkedIn groups “that only a truly qualified candidate could answer,” then contact the person who best answers the questions as either a candidate or a source for other candidates, Brock explained.

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