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What I can offer...

This is a Prezi that I created for a job interview

Fernal Anthony

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of What I can offer...

How My Skills Could Help to Introduce New Target Industries. Key Angle:
Sell Water Recovery Technology SAB water reduction project
Atlantis Artificial Recharge My Acquired Skills My Most Recent Skills Inservice trainee at BECO ISB Masters level courses in: Consulting
Design of modular and stick build plants
Commissioning of plants Mass and Energy Balances (audits)
Rapid learning of new process systems
Audits done in chemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals industries Graduate Engineer at Rheinmetall Denel Munitions Project management
Design of experiments
Process Plant Troubleshooting Water/mass balances, Project Management, Separations technology Filtration, Floatation, Milling Project Management
Advanced Statistics
Process Optimisation
Programming Other Skills Unsteady state balances
Mathematical Modeling Optimisation, Project Management, Statistics, Programming Current Projects Potential Projects Plascon - non-existent water recovery system
Spier Wine Estate - water recovery
Bokomo - wet milling water recovery Warren: "Fernal, think about what your skills can bring to the table and which new industries can be targeted because of it". How I plan to answer this question Potential Industries Final answer... Chemicals (paint)
Food and Beverage
Irrigation/conservation The Task... Consulmet Target Expertise
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