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Conductors and insulators

Spring 2013 Student teaching

Amanda Duffey

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Conductors and insulators

How are conductors and insulators different? Vocabulary 1. Electric current- a flow of electric charges.

2. Conductors- material that lets electric current pass through it.

3. Insulators- material that blocks the flow of electric current Conductors 1. The word conduct means "to carry".

2. -Or means "quality" or "condition".

3. So, a conductor is something that has the quality of being able to carry electricity. Good Conductors Ex. metals
- copper
- silver

-Why isn't silver used more often? Insulators 1. Negative charges do not move through them easily.

2. They are used for safety reasons.
- rubber or plastic protect people from touching the conductor. Insulators Ex. Nonmetals
- Cardboard
- Foam Conductors vs. Insulators - Conductors allow negative charges to move freely while insulators do not. Resistors 1. Resistors- material that helps control the current flowing through a circuit.

2. They are used to control the energy that pushes negative charges around so it doesn't overpower the circuit.

Ex. TVs, blow dryers
Ex. Carbon- poor conductor
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