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Virtual Tour SCPLL

No description

Coral Henning

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Tour SCPLL

New Location!
Corner of 9th and F
609 9th St.
Near the Superior Court and County Recorders Office
Entrance on 9th St
Computers and Research Carrels
Computers are located along the windows and in Research Carrels. The Law Library Has 13 computers and Wireless access that are to be used for legal research and document preparation only. Please see our Internet Policy for further information.
To receive a same-day appointment with the CSHC, you must participate in a lottery at 8:30 am each morning in the Waiting Area.
The Law Library has one traditional photocopier and a Book Scanner that can scan color documents as PDF, WORD, or image files to a standard USB drive. Copies and scans are .15 cents each side.
Compact Shelving
Ready Reference
Restrooms and a drinking
fountain are located
along the South wall.
First Floor
General Collection
Second Floor
To initiate a Training Center rental agreement,
send an email to trainingcoordinator@saclaw.org.
Second Floor restrooms remain locked unless there is a room rental, workshop,
or class in the Training Center.
Our bookdrop is located at the
corner of 9th and F.
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