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Mest 3 - Exam revision

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Mest 3 - Exam revision

Mest 3 - Exam revision
Baudrillard states that postmodern society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that the human experience is of a simulation of reality rather than reality itself.

: fake processes, experiences, or signs that increasingly dominate the contemporary world

: an image or representation

Written practice
Post feminist perspective
A post feminist perspective basically means contemporary feminist perspective. You can also call post feminism third wave feminism.
Apply a post feminist perspective
1.A magazine photo of a model that has been touched up with a computer.

2.Films in which characters and settings are either digitally enhanced or created entirely from CGI (e.g.: 300, where the entire film was shot in front of a blue/green screen, with all settings super-imposed).

3.A well manicured garden (nature as hyper-real).

4.Professional sports athletes as super, invincible versions of the human beings.

5. Video games and how they present violence and combat situations.

6.Many world cities and places which did not evolve as functional places with some basis in reality, as if they were creatio ex nihilo (literally 'creation out of nothing'): Disney World; Dubai; Celebration, Florida; and Las Vegas.

7. TV and film in general (especially "reality" TV), due to its creation of a world of fantasy and its dependence that the viewer will engage with these fantasy worlds.
How to use it in a sentence
1. The news creates hyper-real (Baudrillard) ideas about Iraq in the audiences' mind because news footage is mediated and doesn't necessarily reflect the truth.

2. Advertisements often create hyper-real (Baudrillard) ideas about women because they selectively represent women as being beautiful and flawless.

3. Reality television shows the audience a hyper-real (Baudrillard) version of life as the situations are usually constructed. Despite the audience having knowledge of this, the emotional realism (Gledhill) can encourage the audience to accept the hyper-real as "real". The simulacra of the constructed scenes creates a simulation of seeing the lives of the characters.

4. Video games of dangerous and exciting scenarios provide a simulation to audiences of these experiences that could create a hyper-reality (Baudrillard) for them about violence.
Who said what....?
Laura Mulvey
New theory
Naomi Wolf - The Beauty Myth

Wolf believes that "beauty" is what women are encouraged to care about and the idea that a woman should be beautiful has become even more important than stereotypical ideas like motherhood

She says the beauty myth is keeping alive the cosmetics industry and keeping women at a disadvantage to men.

The Pepsi advert creates a hyper-reality.......

What are post feminist's concerned with?
The narrow versions of "femininity" presented in the media.
Women being punished for behaviour that is rewarded in men.
Equality with men in major industries/positions of power.
The sexualised images of women in the media (which women are encouraged to view as liberating).
The resurgence of ideas about natural sexual differences.
Reproductive rights
The focus on female appearance
Angela McRobbie
Liesbet Van Zoonen
Bell Hooks
The Bechdel test
Do you agree?
Applying a post feminist perspective to Elle King's video, you could say........
The male gaze
Van Zoonen
Bell Hooks
Naomi Wolf
Angela McRobbie
The Beauty Myth in action?
Don't forget to debate.....
Is women being encouraged to prioritise their appearance always a bad thing?
Section A
2 unseen texts
15 mins to watch and make notes
45 mins to answer 3 questions
Question 1 - media concept based (8 marks), just talk about the two texts

Question 2 - media debates (12 marks), you can talk about other examples

Question 3 - wider contexts (12 marks), you HAVE to talk about other examples
Social, political, economical
1. What media techniques are used to create excitement?

2. Why and how do media products offer escapism? (refer to other examples)

3. Why are hybrid genres valuable for media institutions when gaining a wider audience (refer to other examples)
Question 1 - (8 marks)
Media Concepts

Level 4 (7-8 marks)
A sophisticated analysis, showing very good critical autonomy.
Sophisticated understanding of media concepts within both media products.
Supported by detailed references to both media products.
Articulate and engaged.

Level 3 (5-6 marks)
A proficient analysis, showing good critical autonomy.
Good understanding of media concepts within both media products.
Supported by references to both media products.
Clearly expressed.

Question 3 - (12 marks)
Wider contexts
Refer to other examples

Level 4 (10-12 marks)
A sophisticated and detailed evaluation, showing very good critical autonomy.
Sophisticated and detailed application of a wide range of wider contexts.
Supports answer with a wide range of examples from other media.
Articulate and engaged.

Level 3 (7-9 marks)
A proficient evaluation, showing good critical autonomy.
Proficient application of a range of wider contexts.
Supports answer with a range of examples of other media.
Clearly expressed.
Magazine, Newspaper, Advert, Website, Film Poster
Cover Lines
Billing Block
Banner Ad
Anchorage text
Release date
Naomi Wolf
Celebrity Culture
Richard Dyer Star theory
What does Richard Dyer say a "star" is?
He also says that stars are a product of .....................
Jackie Stacey
Chris Rojek: Celebrities are industrial products designed to make money for institutions
Hypertrophic celebrities
This SNL skit focuses on how many celebrity reality shows there are and what they're about.
Explain in your own words, why modern audiences watch so many celebrity reality shows. Refer to theory.
Homework Due In
Next part of your NDM case study.
Look at your e-media product/s
How has technology influenced their production, distribution and content?

How has technology influenced the relationship between the product and the audience?
Applying a Queer Perspective
Most representations in the media are hetero-normative.

Queer is an all encompassing term for anyone outside of this: Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual etc...

Using a Queer perspective means you are examining how these groups are shown compared to the hetero normative status quo. Queer theory also examines how gender roles are presented.
Using a Queer Perspective in Writing
Applying a Queer perspective, Queer as Folk (1997), is a text that showcases gay culture rather than just a hetero-normative culture and features a range of different gay characters who drive the narrative, rather than dealing with a sole gay character struggling with their sexual preference or being on the fringe of a straight narrative.
Judith Butler (Gender Trouble)
Gender is a "social ________"

Butler says that gender is a "performance" based on r____________ and r_______.

There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender.
Applying a Queer perspective:
Applying a Queer perspective means examining sexuality and gender within a text and how it compares to what we typically see.

What we typically see:
The media often presents heterosexualty as "normal"

Queer people are often represented as struggling with their sexuality.

Gay people are very under-represented and stereotyped.

Gender follows binary gender ideas.
When applying a Queer perspective to the trailer for Pride......
Mest 3 Other Examples
Post modernism
Post feminism
Queer perspective
Celebrity Culture
Post- modernism
Nothing is new - culture is eating itself

Pick and choose from what has gone before

Break rules about genre and form

Texts being self aware
Characteristics of a post modern text
Hybrid genres
Self referentiality
Why can you categorise Stranger Things as a post modern text?
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