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Harvey Buckle

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of Seeing

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To know how the eyes see visible light
To know the two types of lense
Can you read this?
Knowing what you read for homework, write down the two types of lense and how they work (you may use a diagram) (6 marks)
Stereoscopic vision
Because our eyes sit side by side, each eye captures a slightly different view. This is called stereoscopic vision. When signals from the two eyes reach the brain, they are superimposed and processed into a single picture with depth. As a result, we get a 3D picture and are able to judge distances well.
Most birds and lizards have monocular vision - their eyes are on each side of their head. This gives them a greater field of view, which is useful for spotting predators. However, they have poor depth perception.
The two types of lenses
See page 320

Draw the ray diagrams on 321
From your homework

Pathway of light
Light passes through the eyeball to the retina. It is refracted (its rays are bent) by the cornea and lens, so that the light is brought to a focus on the retina.
GC time
Take a look at colour vision and geometric optics
Draw a diagram of te eye
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