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Art Rocks: NAEA 2014

Discussing ways to connect art & music. Rocking cross curricular connections and keeping art fun.

Holly Kincaid

on 5 February 2017

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Transcript of Art Rocks: NAEA 2014

Levels of Connection
1. Using artwork as a cultural connection to increase the depth of understanding in a song or piece of music.

2. Visual representation of concept. How is this artwork like what we are talking about in music?

3. Connecting similar vocabulary. A composer might create texture in his music by adding layers of sound the way an artist uses it in his painting by adding layers of lines, paint, or color.

4. Creating rhythmic or melodic patterns to represent a specific part of a piece of art. How could we make our music like a painting?
1. Playing music in the classroom to connect to a time period or thematic unit of study.

2. Connecting similar vocabulary.
An artist might add pattern in their work by repeating shapes, lines, or color the way a musician might add pattern by repeating musical elements like melodies, phrases or instruments.

3.Connecting concepts in art and music with thematic projects.

4. Creating artistic interpretations of specific musical pieces.
What types of colors, shapes, materials, objects, or other elements of art would help to represent the music.
Presenter: Holly Bess Kincaid
Skyline Middle School
NBCT EC-12 Art Educator
Harrisonburg City Schools, Harrisonburg, VA
Keys to Collaboration
Dial up some connections...
Art &
Quick connections
Music can serve as an
element of inspiration
in art creation!
Repeating termenology
in art and music
helps to make
concrete connections in both subjects areas.
Both classes are working on
a finished product!
Out of the fog of possible
connections can come
amazing EYE openers!
Texture -layers of sound
aural interest
Form -how the music is put together
Dynamics -loud/soft
Tempo -fast/slow
Pitch -high/low
Rhythm -long/short patterns
actual/ implied
Form or Composition
Perspective/horizon line
Rhythm - patterns/repetition
Playing music in art to relate to theme, time period

Connecting terms and building understanding

Understanding the world events that created art/music

Creating art/music as reponse and expression
Collaborative Project Examples:
Kinder- Spider

1st - Carnival of the Animals

2nd - Monsters

3rd - Simple Machines
Rondo Patterns/Printing

4th - Medieval Times

5th - Pictures at an Exhibition
Graphing our emotional responses
to music and art
Nutcracker Suite
"Lend your ears to music, open your eyes
to painting, and… stop thinking!
Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to 'walk about' into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes,
what more do you want?"
Visual Music
Art Rocks
Projects & Collaborations
Space Center Intermediate
Middle School Projects & Connections:
6-8 th grade
Music Playlists:
YouTube / Teacher Tube
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