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Point of View

The Three main points of View

Nolan Dillon

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Point of View

Stories and Points of Views By Nolan Dillon and Drew Poulas

Point of View is the narrators position in relation to the story being told. First person point of view is in use
when a character narrates the story
with I, me, my, and mine. Second Person Third Person Limited Second person point of view is when the narrator
tells the story with the words you and your. Third person limited is when the reader
enters only one characters mind throughout the section. First Person Why do Authors use Point of View? Authors use point of view to provide facts and details from different perspectives. Authors also use point of view to attract the readers attention. How do you determine point of view? To determine the point of view you have to look for clues
in the story. In first person point of view look for the words I and me, second person look for the words you and your, and in third person look for the words he and she. Examples from stories:
Ransom of Red Chief
"I was awakened by a series of awful
screams from Bill."
By: O. Henry Examples of Second person:
"You are not the kind of guy who would
be at a place like this at this time of the

From "Bright Lights, Big City"
By: Jay Mclnerney Example:
"Greg had noticed that
the door had been slightly
ajar." From "Treasure of Lemon Brown."
By: Walter Dean Myers Third Person Omniscient Third person omniscient is when the
thoughts of every character are open
to the reader. Example:
"Gandalf was glad Sam was
there with him, Sam was scared
to be alone with him."

"The Return of the King"
By: J.R.R Tolkein Third Person Objective Third person objective is when the facts are reported by a seemingly neutral impersonal
server. Example:
"The train comes in five
minutes. The girl was
distracted, but then she smiles
brightly at the woman and thanks

"Hills like White Elephants
By: Ernest Hemingway Q and A 1.) What point of view uses the words you and your?

2.) What point of view uses the
words me and I?

3.) What point of view was "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"?

4.) What point of view was "Hills like White Elephants"?

5.) What point of view was "Return of the King"? Answers 1.) Second person

2.) First person

3.) Third Person Limited

4.) Third person Objective

5.) Third Person Omniscient Credits www.wikipedia.com
Literature Book
Nolan and Drew's Brain
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