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Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

No description

Anamaris Torres

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

by: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Frankenstein Theme Time: Eighteen century (1700)

Place: Geneva; the Swiss Alps; Ingolstadt; England and Scotland; The Northern Ice

Type of setting:Mirror Characters When we analyze the symbols we find:
Walton wants to find that “…country of eternal light…”, referring to the North Pole
When Victor discovers Natural Philosophy he states “…A new light seems to dawn upon my mind”
When he discovers the secret to creating life, he says “…a sudden light broke in upon me…”
He imagines “…A torrent of light into our dark world…” through the creation of a new species. Symbols
Throughout the novel, Walton and specially Victor have a huge thirst for knowledge that at the end turns out to be dangerous.

The monster is an outcast and doesn’t belong to human society. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Plot Exposition Climax Development Crisis Setting Fun Facts Adaptation Gone Wrong? Movie Book She was born as Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin in 1797 in Great Britain. Daughter of William Goodwin, expert on the French Revolution and feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft. She was raised and educated at home and was encouraged to write and read liberally.
By the time she was only twenty, she wrote one of the most famous novels of all time: Frankenstein. Her powerful, enduring tale, has maintained its place in English literary history and has inspired books, stage adaptations and films for almost 200 years. Because of this, Shelley is regarded as the mother of science fiction.
She died in 1851 from a brain tumor. Introduces the life of Victor Frankenstein and how he started in the world of science, mathematics and philosophy.
Victor Frankenstein, due to his studies, discovers how to generate life. He began putting this discovery to the test and finished bestowing life upon lifeless matter. Creating a “monster”. Victor got scared of the monster he created, as a consequence, he ran away from it and left it alone. Years passed since Victor last saw the monster and due to the news of his brother being murdered, he decides to return home. They accused someone to this murder yet Victor knew the accused was innocent and didn’t even come forth with the truth. He was sure that the murderer of his brother was his own creation, the monster. After a few months, his family decides to make an excursion to a valley in order to try to ease the pain. In this trip, Victor decides to take a walk into the woods alone and encounters the monster. The monster tells his story to Victor. It even admits that he was the murdered of his brother and gives an ultimatum. The monster demanded that he should create a mate for him or he would make his life miserable like his own.Victor, in fear of losing anybody more, leaves to fulfill the monster’s demands, using the excuse of trying to find clarity and peace of mind.In the midst of finishing his new creation, he begins to think that this new creation could be as dangerous and monstrous as the first one, so he destroyed it. Due to his decision of destroying what he began creating, the monster (his only creation) declares revenge upon his creator (Victor).
The monster began fulfilling his revenge by first killing his best friend, followed by murdering his wife on their honeymoon.
Due to the pain that caused these deaths, Victor’s father dies. In consequence of all of the monster’s doing, Victor decides to go after the monster in order to destroy it.

At the end, Victor Frankenstein dies and his creation was so pained due to this fact (even though he claimed he hated him) that he decided that he should end his existence. Who got it right?? Van Helsing (2004) Addams Family
(1994) Frankenstein
(1994) Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein is round and growing character. He grows from a young, innocent, hopeful boy into a jaded, vindictive, revengeful man. He becomes fascinated with the “secret of life,” discovers it, and brings a hideous monster to life. This fact makes him change throughout the novel. Frankenstein's Monster
(Antagonist) The monster is Victor Frankenstein’s creation, assembled from old body parts and strange chemicals. He enters life enormously strong and 8 feet tall, but with the mind of a newborn. Abandoned by his creator, he tries to integrate into society. He realizes his physical grotesqueness is what blinds society to his gentle, kind nature. Seeking revenge on his creator, he does horrible, despicable things.
All of this makes Frankenstein's monster a round and growing character. Because he grows from a love seeking monster into a real grotesque one. (Protagonist)  Light is included throughout all of these quotes.
 It symbolizes enlightment and that is also too bright that it could blinds you. THE MONSTER:
He was “born good” but the rejection from society turned him into an evil person. So he symbolizes society and how it destroys and rots people.

“…Think you that the groans of Clerval were music to my ears? My heart was fashioned to be susceptible of love and sympathy, and when wrenched by misery to vice and hatred, it did not endure the violence of the change without torture such as you cannot even imagine.” De Lacey - symbolized hope to the monster. “ …I knocked…Enter said De Lacey… This was the hour and moment of trial which would decide my hopes…”

Darkness- symbolized security to the monster. “…I rested during the day and traveled only when I was secured by night from the view of man…”

Lightning - symbolizes the moment of life and the energy that filled the monster with life

Nature - symbolizes protection, the forest and the caves hid him from eyes of people. Allegory Frankenstein is considered a complete allegory even though it has some symbols. Because it's representation is somehow a picture of our reality.
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