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No description

Victoria Nwosu

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of HENRY LEE LUCAS


Also know as...
"The Confession Killer"
Background Information
Henry Lee Lucas was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia
Lucas was one of 9 children, who was raised by abusive alcoholic parents. Whereas, his mother(Viola) ruled the household with an iron fist.
Viola made a living with prostitution and bootlegging. Lucas stated that she would "entertain" her clients in front of him, his brother, and father. (This is believed to be on of the causes that formed Lucas's sexual deviancy in his teen years)
Viola would also dress Lucas as a little girl, which humiliated him.

Psychologists indicated that his hatred of his mother was the source
of his violent Misogyny.
When Lucas was 10, his eye was slashed with an knife. His mother ignored the wound, which would later grow infected and had to be replaced by a glass eyes
Lucas was bullied by his peers for his cross dressing and glass eye, which would cause his hatred of people. Children who knew Lucas stated that he was sullen and antisocial
Lucas spent his teen years in and out of jail. As a teenager, Lucas sexual deviance became increasingly pronounced, and he was reported to having sex with his half brother and dead animals
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