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No CANDIDATES have SURPRISED you yet? Personally, I hate traditional CVs. So, I thought it will be cool to make my CV an EXPERIENCE... Get comfortable, enjoy it! - PUSH PLAY!


on 28 March 2013

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1- WHO I AM NEW MARKETING I am a Passionate Are you ready to DISCOVER
something No CANDIDATES have
SURPRISED you yet? LET ME INTRODUCE MY SELF... Some of my main STRENGTHS: ABOUT 7 YEARS of expertise and EXPERIENCE in new marketing (social media, 2.0, buzz, new media, viral, guerrilla, wom, interactive, etc.). Excellent UNDERSTANDING
of the CURRENT global
MARKETING issues and challenges. Experience in NEW BUSINESSES and their development (Vanksen-Culture buzz, Buzzparadise, ICEMD, SrBurns, Shackleton DMO). 1 2 3 Advanced comprehension and implementation of SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS. I have used and tested more than 150 different tools for facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. 4 ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in social media, buzz, viral, and word of mouth marketing forums, communities, blogs, etc. 5 6 PERSONAL BRAND - I have been writing a reference spanish blog in new marketing called Pasión Por El Marketing, ¨Passion for Marketing¨, with more than 4,500 readers and 35,000 page views per month. 7 SPEAKER IN CONFERENCES and forums about social media, buzz and viral marketing in Spain. PASSION, high MOTIVATION, proactivity, customer-centric orientation and empathy. 8 FAST ADAPTATION to new situations and environments. I have worked in many INTERNATIONAL TEAMS. Fluent in many LANGUAGES (Spanish, Catalan, English and French). 9 10 2- «WHAT I AM GOING TO DO FOR YOU» A simple graphic of my expertise Social media identity building Social media
optimization Social media
dynamization Online reputation management Influencer
identification Blogmarketing New EXPERIENCE? Viral concept definition Viral channel
Optimization Viral video
dynamization Consultancy Benchmarking Concept
definition Strategy
definition Marketing
planning Budgeting Attractive
And much more... Intern Procces
Marketing Definition Service Packages
Definition New Marketing
Training 1) Are you an INTERACTIVE AGENCY
interested in offering SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES? 2) Are you an agency WHO IS ALREADY offering it? OR? 3- «LET'S TALK ABOUT MY PROJECTS» and NOW I am sure you are Could you show me some of your WORKS? Intern Process Definition 2007 BLOGGER INFLUENCE MATRIX PROBLEM DETECTED Buzzparadise is a community of opinion leaders and bloggers located in more than 5 countries.The Director detected that there was a lack of efficiency on budgeting marketing proposals. We didn’t have an internal system able to define different budgets depending on the influence rank, type of campaign and nationality of bloggers.Therefore, there needed to be a system able to qualify influence of opinion leaders and the blogger database in order for BuzzParadise to be more efficient in adapting their marketing proposals. I took all of the cost and resources to create a blogmarketing campaign.
I definied different parameters, such as influence, type of campaign, traffic, nationality, etc, in order to create a matrix. This matrix is able to measure costs and benefits of blogmarketing campaigns. It generates automatic blogmarketing campaign budgets that are directly inserted into customer proposals. SOLUTION I PROPOSED Buzzparadise used it for all of their markets (not only in Spain). It became the model for other markets.

With this matrix, Buzzparadise became 30% more efficient on their budgeting procces for blogmarketing campaigns. RESULTS MONITORING NEWSLETTER
SERVICE 2010 Shackleton DMO is the social and search marketing agency of the group Shackleton. They wanted to develop a model for a monitoring newsletter to include it as a new service for customers asking for social media marketing services. They have already created one, but they wanted to improve it and introduce some improvements like influence or relevancy source measurement. PROBLEM DETECTED I hardly analysed the old monitoring newsletter and I introduced news functionalities such us: PostRank, the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry (content relevancy), the possibility to target the content by thematics, infuence measurement through a mix of several values like Alexia rank, outcoming links, readers, twitter followers, etc. SOLUTION I PROPOSED RESULTS Shackleton used this new monitoring newsletter for 100% of their clients, both current and new.

This new service increased their business by 10-15% My works / Case studies 2007-2008 ANNUAL BLOGMARKETING CAMPAIGN BRIEFING Absolut, the leader in vodka spirits, wanted to create and develop relationships with influential bloggers in order to improve their 2.0 image brand for their new concept, “In an Absolut World”. SOLUTION We defined and implemented a global and annual blogmarketing campaign that developed the brand fan philosophy. The global campaign was composed by 5 different campaigns during the year. For each campaign, new bloggers were invited to participate through their blogs.
They received different buzzkits (Teaser + Reveal), banners and press releases with all the information. WHAT I DID It was the first annual blogmarketing campaign launched in Spain and the most expensive campaign we sold in the agency. I proposed to the Marketing Director of Absolut to go further away than one-shot campaigns by thinking about a brand fan approach.
I prepared the global marketing proposal by defining the different elements (buzzkit, banner, viral video, press releases, etc.) and I managed the project as the blogmarketing coordinator. RESULTS - More than 100 influential bloggers of different thematics (trends, lifestyle, advertising and marketing, urban culture, etc.) participated. Ninety percent (90%) created articles about Absolut and 70% included the banner in their blogs.

- The campaign got 70% of extra buzz rate.

- More than 100 media outlets talked about the new buzz initiative.

- The brand increased sales by 9% thanks to this new buzz approach. Agency: Agency: SECTOR: Spirits drinks ADVERTISER EXPERTISES Blogmarketing Viral video dynamization Buzz amplification Influencer Identification Strategy
planning Agency: PR 2.0 BLOG MARKETING BUZZ KIT VIRAL VIDEO 2007 360º GLOBAL BUZZ CAMPAIGN Agency: ADVERTISER SECTOR: Electronics EXPERTISES Project Management GLOBAL CASE STUDY VIDEO SONY Electronics wanted to lauch their new product WALKMAN and they looked for a different concept campaign. Walkman had a old image, so they needed a different and innovative action able to create big buzz, rejuvenate the brand image and connect to the target audience. BRIEFING Buzz marketing campaign composed of three phases (Teaser + Reveal + Buzz explosion). The campaign was based around the concept “DON'T WALK ALONE”, because the Walkman always go with you. The campaign integrated new media such as blog, outdoor guerrilla (wall projections) and cling rites (wall stickers). The campaign finished with the creation of a music community where users were invited to a creative contest. SOLUTION I participated on the concept definition (brainstorming) and I worked on the project management team. WHAT I DID RESULTS - Big buzz from media and blogs.

- More than 10,000 users registered on the site.

- About 18,000 pages were viewed in three weeks.

- Creation of real community around the music. Creative concept
definition Buzz amplification EXPERTISES ADVERTISER 2008 Agency: 360º GLOBAL BUZZ&VIRAL CAMPAIGN Creative concept
definition Viral Mkt Consultancy Attractive proposals Strategy Planning Blogmarketing THUMBNAIL VIRAL VIDEO SECTOR: Computer Packard Bell, the international home entertainment and computer leader company, contacted us to develop a marketing campaign launch for their new product
“I-Power” in Spanish and Portuguese markets.
I-Power is a new and powerful desktop for gamers. BRIEFING SOLUTION Global definition of the buzz e-marketing campaign launch, with a concept of mixing the “Crazy German Kid” viral video and the “Transformers” esthetic (current buzz) through the challenge “Gamers VS Lamers”.The campaign strategy was composed by 3 phases (Teaser, Reveal, Explosion) with a main minisite, a teaser viral video, blogmarketing campaign, email and display campaign. I defined the global concept of the campaign with the CEO agency and I wrote the global strategy proposal for the customer.
I also managed the whole sale as the buzz marketing consultant. I worked very hard on the customer evangelism by introducing the buzz and viral marketing approach to the marketing director of Packard Bell. WHAT I DID RESULTS Unfortunately, the campaign had to be cancelled due to a problem on the product marketing distribution. We just launched the teaser phase with a great acceptance by the target, the gamers. Social media Consultancy Agency: 2009 SOCIAL MEDIA IDENTITY STRATEGIC PLAN ADVERTISER EXPERTISES Social media Trainning Benchmarking Social media
identity building Influencer
Identification Strategy planning SECTOR: Education Isn't that RIGHT? So, let's talk about YOU! is in TARGET MARKETING ESSENTIAL But... WAIT!! WHAT? I forgot something Something Essential WEBSITE ICEMD wanted to introduce the social media philosophy in order to get opinion leaders and fans closer to the business school by trying to generate recommendations and open the conversation with their target, but keeping their current official image. BRIEFING SOLUTION Definition of the 1 year social media plan (identity + community building) under a new identity more informal called “ICEMD Open” with presence in Facebook, Slideshare, Twitter, Blog, Delicious, Tuenti, and other social medias. First of all, I developed a benchmark of the top 6 international companies and their 3 direct competitors doing well in social media. Then, I defined the whole social media plan, developing the new concept and new brand positioning for their new identity (Icemd Open). I also determined a timing with the global strategy and the social media actions, including goals, target segmentation, brand positioning, social search program and KPI’s. In exchange, the business school paid for my master program. WHAT I DID The project will be launched for the new academic year by the ICEMD marketing department.

For the moment we can just see some changes on the official school website. RESULTS EXPERTISES SOCIAL MEDIA LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN Agency: ADVERTISER 2009 PRODUCT DEMO TV COMMERCIAL SECTOR: Media Social media consultancy Online Reputation management Blogmarketing Influence
identification Strategy planning NEW? CV And very often, do you play basketball with the CVs? EDUCATION European Diploma in Interactive Marketing Social media, Direct marketing, Interactive marketing, Digital advertising 2009-2010 Master's Degree in Marketing Management 2007-2008 Marketing, Advertising, Communication, E-business http://www.escuela-esae.com/ http://www.icemd.com DUT, Communication des Entreprises Marketing, Advertising, Communication, Crisis Management 2004-2005 http://www.univ-nancy2.fr/ Bachelor’s Degree, Advertising and PR Marketing, Advertising, Strategy planning, Creativiy 2003-2005 http://www.uji.es/UK/basic/&url=/CA/ 2000-2003 Bachelor’s Degree, Tourism and Marketing Tourism business management, Marketing, Communication http://www.uji.es/UK/basic/&url=/CA/ Awards: Outstanding Graduate of the Year in Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Marketing. UJI University (Spain) (8.98/10) ICEMD - ESIC is one of the most reputated Business Schools in new, direct, interactive & social media marketing in Europe. COME ON... GO IN! El Mundo, the most influential and important newspaper in Spain had created Orbyt, the new paid platform for the newspaper. Orbyt wanted to lead the newspaper sector change, so they looked for a global campaign launch integrating opinion leaders to generate massive leads and positive recommendation. BRIEFING Incorporated a 360º marketing campaign by integrating TV, press, social media, search and PPC under the buzz concept “If El Mundo didn’t exist, Spain would not be the same.” SOLUTION WHAT I DID I worked as the social media manager developing the social media and influential marketing strategy, and integrated this part on the global concept and campaign.
I developed a microtargeted blogger campaign by influence and thematic.
I managed the blogger and opinion leader presentation event and worked diligently on managing the Facebook, Youtube and Twitter channels. Finally, I prepared the final presentation of the case study. RESULTS - More than 30,000 new leads generated

- El Mundo en Orbyt was one of the Top 3 Hashtags on Twitter during the main campaign week.

- More than 10,000 suscribers (4,000 in the first month)

- 8 of the 10 most influent bloggers of press, technology and information were present at the event. BLOG PRESENTATION EVENT TARGETED STRATEGY 2010 Agency: GLOBAL WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT ADVERTISER EXPERTISE SECTOR: Finance Community
management Branded Content Social media optimization Social media
dynamization Strategy definition Buzz amplification VIDEO CASE STUDY MICROSITE
VIRAL BRIEFING Football cracks is the first international reality show based on football. The challenge had 18 young boys participating to try and make their dream of playing on a first division Spanish football team real. The main project sponsor was BBVA with partners, such as Adidas, Movistar, Mahou or Air Europa.
This project was backed by Zidane and Francescoli, two of the most valuable football players in the world. Definition and implementation of an internet “glocal” (3 different geo identities ) and fancetric strategy using Youtube as the main stream channel connected with the main website. Moreover, buzz was generated around Facebook, Flickr, Tuenti, Hi5,Twitter, blogs and forums.

This solution turned around the BRANDED CONTENT approach. SOLUTION WHAT I DID I worked as a social media consultant working together with a group of 3 community managers. I proposed some new actions for improving lead and fan acquisition.

Finally, I prepared the final presentation of the case study, including all the metric results for all media used. RESULTS - More than 8 million visits to the site in 3 months
- More than 100,000 new leads on the site
- More than 60,000 fans acquired on Facebook pages.
- More than 270,000 visits and 15,000 “I like” on the main Facebook page
- More than 1.7 million video views and 8 prizes on the Youtube official channel
- More than 3,700 search results on blogs and more than 650 on forums
- More than 50,00 twitter followers FACEBOOK PAGE Who endorse me... “Juan is a talented marketer and is always forward thinking. He's has strong knowledge in Buzz & viral marketing and help us developping the spanish market in a short period of time. I totally recommend him!” Consultant & Project Manager, BuzzParadise ncleworth@gmail.com Nils Cleworth “Juan es una persona dínamica y muy creativa. Apasionado del marketing, siempre sabe como hacer sus objetivos y nunca se para antes de haber conseguido lo que ha empezado. Con él hemos llevado a cabo proyectos exitosos y esto gracias a su implicación en todo lo que hace y sus ideas cada vez inovadoras. Por fin es una persona de confianza y muy agradable. Tenerlo en su equipo es una verdadera suerte y una garantía de éxito.” Acia Baghdadi Project Manager, BuzzParadise abaghdadi@buzzparadise.com Who endorse me... “Juan is a high energy, enthusiastic and talented young digital consultant. He writes one of the most successful word of mouth marketing related blog in Spain and despite his young age is already very knowledgeable about the topic. With a bit more experience and some efforts to listen a bit more ;) he certainly will become a high end consultant in digital and viral marketing.” Marketing Director, Packard Bell Iberica planellesd@gmail.com David Planelles Emmanuel Vivier Strategic planner & Community manager borja.lopez@arroba.com Borja López-Gómez “Juan es uno de los mayores talentos del Marketing español y su juventud le agrega un plus por el inmenso potencial de futuro que asoma de sus grandes ideas. Se trata de un profesional proactivo como pocos, que hace de la PASIÓN POR EL MARKETING su bandera (Su blog, conocido con este mismo nombre, es de lectura obligatoria) y que exhibe una capacidad de liderazgo y compromiso propia de una auténtica referencia del sector. A pesar de su talento, es capaz de escuchar y asumir las ideas y sugerencias de sus compañeros y hace crecer a éstos con su ilusión y su inmensa visión estratégica. Su incalculable valor como planner estratégico en Marketing online y Social Media le convierten en eje fundamental de toda agencia que se quiera posicionar como líder del mercado. Si a esas aptitudes profesionales les sumas su gran valor humano, tienes como resultado a una auténtica joya que se va puliendo día a día a fuerza de ilusión, confianza, liderazgo e ideas realmente brillantes WHO ENDORSE ME WHO ENDORSE ME “Juan es un profesional muy capaz, innovador y con una visión estratégica y comercial importante. Durante nuestra colaboración juntos ha liderado con éxito diversas actividades de Social Media con nuestros clientes. Espero seguir colaborando con él en el futuro.” General Manager at Shackleton Buzz&Press y Shackleton DMO rmiranda@shackleton-dmo.com Rodrigo Miranda “Juan es uno de los mayores expertos españoles en buzz marketing, viral marketing y todo lo que tenga que ver con las nuevas tendencias 2.0 ligadas al marketing. Una fuente de inspiracion...” Director of Relationship Marketing at UNIDAD EDITORIAL eburgosgarcia@gmail.com Enrique Burgos Pilar Hernandez DO YOU STILL WANT MORE? “Juan, INCREÍBLE PROFESIONAL del cual Tom Peters diría está para vivir en voz ALTA! Indiscutible idoneidad, colaborativo, esa pasión exige entusiasmo focalización, claridad, y primordialmente coraje para como un gran emprendedor que admiro, correr riesgos y entusiasmar con su prioridad de transmitir "VALOR" no simple conocimiento. Juan es un increíble profesional” Paula Sanchez Marketing and Advertising Consultant (Argentina) psanchez@albacaucion.com.ar WHO ENDORSE ME “Juan is a sharp guy with a broad understanding of his subject and a good vision of the web 2.0. He has a great capacity to sinthesize and put in order great amount of information; extracting knowledge out of information. He works well in a team. He has added value to the project we worked together.” Juan D. Server Managing Partner at Marketingvivo jds@marketingvivo.com DO YOU WANT A COFFEE? Some data - About 3,000 readers (feedburner) - About 4 years blogging - More than 700 posts and more than 5,000 conversations generated - More than 30,000 monthly page views My blog is one of the
TOP 10 in marketing (SPA) In this blog, the

was discovered! About... Social media Buzz marketing Viral marketing Strategy Facebook Advertising Digital mkt Campaigns Marketing Trends Word of mouth New Mkt NOW You know my BLOG But you also can find me in... juanmarketing By the way, if my presentation You should check out my CONFERENCES “Claves del Nuevo Marketing” – New Marketing Keys” is the reference book for marketers interested on the new methods of online marketing such as social media, SEM, SEO, buzz and viral, branded content, podcast and broadcast, etc. It was written by 18 bloggers including myself. “Juan is a high energy, enthusiastic and talented young digital consultant. He writes one of the most successful word of mouth marketing related blog in Spain and despite his young age is already very knowledgeable about the topic. With a bit more experience and some efforts to listen a bit more ;) he certainly will become a high end consultant in digital and viral marketing.” CEO & Cofounder, Vanksen|Culture-Buzz evivier@vanksen.com Who endorse me... * Almost 40,000 downloads of the free ebook.

* About 80% - 90% of the Hispanic marketing blogosphere talked about the book.

* After 6 months, the free ebook became a real book thanks to its success online.

* Best-seller in Spanish bookstores (Casadelibro.com) More than 6,300 views and 400 downloads on Slideshare. Check out the PPT here - http://bit.ly/9s5iJv Check out the PPT here - http://bit.ly/czAW1B About 4,000 views and more than 250 downloads on Slideshare. Check out the PPT here - http://bit.ly/2nszQj Almost 6,000 views and more than 400 downloads on Slideshare. Juanmarketing as a SPEAKER Almost 9,000 views and more than 350 download requests on Slideshare. Check out the PPT here - http://bit.ly/9ST8KA Full screen view is recommended Guerrilla Marketing “I met Juan when he was working on ICEMD's social media identity plan. I was impressed by his work, having a strong vision of what the Institute is, the objectives pursued, the resources available and how it would be managed later. I think he is a natural strategist, and you can really see that in how he manages his own projects. He is one of my references when learning about Social Media.” Marketing director, ICEMD pilar_hdz@yahoo.es Who endorse me... = Digital Identity OK, And NOW
to Call to Action? Let's LISTEN people... WHAT is the MARKET saying? COME ON, Even the most INFLUENTIAL person is telling you! Thanks Obama! Do you want to HIRE me? Otherwise, I will have to... ;-) Juan Sánchez Bonet STRATEGIC PLANNER & SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZING CONSULTANT Thanks for your Attention To contact me - PUSH PLAY 0065 84011395 juanmarketing facebook.com/
juanmarketing http://linkd.in/ckVAeg conversemos@juanmarketing.com juan.marketing I promise you will never regret it ;-) Hurry up!!
Only 1 product left Just 04:55'' 04:52'' By the way, if you are not interested,
be SUPPORTIVE. Maybe some of your collegues
are... ;-) SHARE IT
It will open a new tab with a song...If do not feel like it, just go ahead, but it is highly recommended. http://bit.ly/d1lRhl http://bit.ly/cXTW7K http://bit.ly/bndMJl STATE of MIND Now, choose your
and get comfortable. http://youtu.be/tVEwuyDRWk8 END... thinking... Buzz marketing Madrid (Spain) Marketing viral Santo Domingo Masterclass Social media New Marketing Trends Madrid (Spain) Madrid (Spain) (http://slidesha.re/9ST8KA pp 46-83) SECRET VIRAL FORMULA And it became a BOOK and I became a SPEAKER PR 2.0 Guerrilla
Marketing Buzz amplification SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ MARKETING VIRAL MARKETING My marketing VISION described in a few phrases “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” - Hebbel “Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.” – Tom H. C. Anderson “Communication is now entertainment and entertainment is communication.” - Colin Miles “Digital Marketing is Direct Marketing on Steroids" Leland Harden & Bob Heyman "Create products worth talking about", Seth Godin. "Viral is a thing that happens, not thing that is" Faris Yakob “Everything a brand does that connects to the consumer is media.” Lee Clow “We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive. We‘re in the business of connecting with consumers.” Trevor Edward “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vincy “Nowadays, Communitaction should deal with PUBLICITY rather than ADVERTISING” - Juan Sánchez Bonet “Advertising is the price you pay for not realizing the value of building your passionate tribe.” Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian Strategist...
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