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No description

jong lim

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Stillness/Silence

Stillness Sitting in a corner isn't the only way to "be still". There are many methods to be still such as beholding something. You could simply sit on your porch and let the beauty of God's creation sink into you. A spiritual discipline follows Jame's principle of "draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." Except in this case, what we're doing is more like repelling everything else away, like how blinds block out a horse's peripheral vision. Our vision is centered on God like it should be. here means that you generally don't speak to anyone unless they speak to you first. The purpose of doing this is to restrain yourself and learn control. We learn to be less inclined towards our desires and more focused on God like the blinds concept. Stillness and Silence A spiritual discipline prezi by Jong Lim http://www.pagestemplatepark.com/kenscorner/stillness.htm are both effective spiritual disciplines which act like blinds for horses. Restraining our selves to a point where we are completely still helps us to block out the other things and meditate on God. We can see better with our eyes closed! That is to say, close our eyes to worldly things, but open them to God. Silence
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