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Prezenting Prezi

No description

Joe Berchtold

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Prezenting Prezi

PowerPoint PowerPoint is only tapping the surface... - The Standard Dynamic Online Visual accessible from anywhere with internet even look at other people's Prezis to get ideas! Vision Touch Taste It is estimated by some that we receive 11,000,000 bits of information per second Hearing
Smell Prezi functions as one giant canvas which you can zoom in and out of It allows you to show relationships between concepts Cars Bikes Both have tires

both are modes of transportation have 4 tires
gasoline powered have 2 tires
human powered Similarities & Differences 1999 2012 2005 Chronology Big ...and ...and more details. Takeaway:
Appeal to the eyes! Insert images from the web or your computer Insert videos from the web or your computer ...and then zoom into them Proton Neutron Electron A Fork in the Road Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Sandy ideas... Geometry details... Dimensions of a Cylinder Cylinders V = 2π r 2 SA = 2πr + 2πrh 2 is...
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