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No description

Alvaro Miranda

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of TOMORROWLAND

The biggest music festival of the WORLD.
400.000 people from all over the world!
The paradise of Electronic Dance Music
DreamVille is the site where you can sleep in this Festival:
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the festival, and to meet the high demand for tickets, the 2014 edition of Tomorrowland would be held over two weekends; 18–20 July and 25–27 July.
In 2012, Tomorrowland uploaded an aftermovie of the festival. This video is one of the most seen videos of YouTube.
Añadido a esto, la entrada al DreamVille ofrece poder asistir a The Gathering, una pre-fiesta al festival realizada la tarde-noche del jueves y que suele incluir la participación de DJ´s incluidos en el line-up del fin de semana.
Lets see some epic photos from this festival!
fav y rt TT xd
pt bida TT;(

El K té FÖCka
eL dÉ SëVílLa Cïty
xQ nADIE mE KieRe?
Thank you!
kIERES SER mi girlfriend juapa?
BÏbah los kebabs
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