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How a bill becomes a law

No description

Nicole Buchholz

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of How a bill becomes a law

How a bill becomes a law! Step 1: Legislation is handed to the House clerk. Step 2: Referred to a committee The committees can: propose amendments to the bill prepare awritten report for the favored bill heads to Rules committee before reaching floor Step 3: The Floor Bill is placed on House calander Debated by Committee of the Whole Returned to House and final vote begins Must have quorom 218 If passed sent to President; if it is a different bill from the Senate sent to Conference Committee Final Step: If the bill is signed by President, it becomes a law. If veto, it will return to House and Senate with reasons behind veto. They can override the veto 2/3 vote. The bill then becomes a law!
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