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Air Jordan

Air Jordans are some of the best luxurious shoes ever created. These shoes are stylish, comfortable and attractive to people. When people are seen with Air Jordans, people automatically know that they know about style. Jordans are unique and stand out fro

Josue Esquivel

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Air Jordan

"All I Knew was that I Never Wanted To Be Average."
-Michael Jordan Testimonial: Our poster has a picture of Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade Standing side by side holding an Air Jordan. Slogan: Our group members also came up with a slogan, Choose Right Take the Flight. Persuasive Techniques Background Information Advertisement:
Air Jordans Background Information Advertisements:
Air Jordans Air Jordans Esquivel, Josue
Canchan, Arlen
Payan, Juan
Period 1
June 4th ,2013 -The Air Jordan company
was founded by Nike in the
- Air Jordans were first
introduced in 1985 in
- In a year Michael Jordan makes
$1.25 billion in the shoe industry
- Jordans are mostly found in North and South America Slogans Used:
-"What's Up Jock?"
-"Look Up in the Air"
-"Rise Above"
-"Wing It" Methods of Advertisement:
-Billboards Other Products Sold:
-Jackets -Sports Wear
-Sweats -Basketballs
-Socks -Accessories Main Competitors:
-Vans -Adidas
-Converse - Reebok TV commercials: Many people have TV's. by using this medium many people will notice our ad. and will have the desire of buying these shoes. Mediums: Billboards: Another effective medium will be billboards. The best location for billboards are in malls and shoe stores because these are locations were shoes are purchased and Jordan ads. will make them want to buy these shoes. Our advertisement consists of a billboard that explains how stylish and luxurious Jordans are. Jordans are purchased throughout the entire year, this means that there is never a bad time to set up advertise this product. Bandwagon: We will use bandwagon in our poster by providing a picture of people that want to have Air Jordans. Snob Appeal: We will have a pictures of Air Jordans and a picture of a converse shoe being crossed out. Why Air Jordans? -Jordans are some of the most unique shoes designed -Jordans make you feel like a better person. -When people see you wearing jordans they automatically know you got style. Thank You For Your Time. We hope you change your mind about air jordans (unless you already liked them).
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