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Interviewing Strategies

No description

Career Services

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Interviewing Strategies

Preparing for an Interview
Research: Company & self

Practice: Questions & appearance
Scheduling an Interview
Be sure to ask:
With whom will I be meeting? A group? An individual?
What is correct spelling of name, title?
How long should I plan to be there?
What to bring in addition to résumé ?
Should I plan to arrive early to complete an application?

Be sure to confirm:
Directions to interview location, parking, etc.

Be sure to choose:
The LAST interview time if given a choice!
University Campus: LIB 100
City College: Jacket Student Central

Conservative, conservative, conservative!
Display no visible piercing or tattoo
Dress "up" not "down"
Update hair style, glasses, attire
Whiten teeth, polish shoes, freshen breath
Get Real...........Professional
Employers want you to:

Display energy, enthusiasm, confidence
Be kind & friendly--SMILE!
Demonstrate a positive attitude
Be motivated, honest, authentic
Use firm handshake, good eye contact
Questions Employers Ask
About your education: Why? Where? What?

About your career goals: Short-term, long-term?

About your work experience: What? When?

About your personality: Strengths? Weaknesses?

About your references: What will they say??
Be an Interview STAR
You are ALWAYS communicating non-verbally.
From 65% to 85% of all communication is non-verbal.
In 90 seconds, the interviewer will decide to hire you. Or not.
Employers don't always hire the "best" person for the job; they hire the person who interviews best. Chemistry counts!

Interviewing Strategies
Describe a SITUATION or TASK
Describe the RESULT
To answer behavioral questions, provide anecdotal evidence of your skills & abilities!
Giving STAR Responses
Tell me about yourself:
I'm a student/grad at MSU Billings where my degree is...........
In my program, I've learned.............
The reason I hope to enter the XXX field is..........
I am the kind of worker who............
I bring many positive qualities like ..............
What qualifies you to do this position:
My experience/academic preparation
My transferable skills
My personal qualities
My drive/motivation/achievement
Loaded questions: While illegal, 70% of the time managers ask these questions anyway.

What they say: What they mean:
Our department is located on 3 floors. How will you manage that with a wheel chair?
Will it be a problem for you to work long hours? Do you have to get home to young children?
What were the dates of your last employment? How old are you?
Asking Your Questions
(only if they're important to you):

What distinguishes an employee who receives tenure or promotion?
What are the biggest challenges facing this job/department/company?
Why did the previous employee leave this position?
Acing Virtual Interviews:

Record professional message for VM, ring-backs
Prepare with application documents, job description, your questions
Dress professionally & be enthusiastic!
Talk slowly and show confidence
No eating, drinking, distractions
Explain the ACTION you took
Don't be a caveman.........Schedule
a Mock Interview today!

Career Services 657-2168
or careers@msubillings.edu

Answering "loaded" questions:
Getting from place to place using my wheel chair is not a problem for me.
While I value my personal life, I can be available to work long hours when necessary.
You will see from the longevity of my employment that I'm very dependable.
Describe your strengths/weaknesses:
Examples of my strengths in the workplace include..........
I've identified my workplace weakness as XXXX, but I'm correcting it by.............
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