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Customer Satisfaction - Call Centers

No description

Gideon Fung

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Customer Satisfaction - Call Centers

Definition “A physical location where calls are placed, or received, in high volume for the purpose of sales, marketing, customer service, telemarketing, technical support or other specialized business activity”

Keith Dawson 1988 (Lucas, 2001) Customer Service & Satisfaction Call Centers 1950's 1917 Conclusion Integrating

CRM Call Center
Enterprise E-Commerce
Field Service Customer Life Cycle Establish a Customer Loyalty Profile
i) What product or service value propositions satisfy them

ii) How willing are your consumers to commit to an ongoing relationship

iii) How likely are they to recommend you to others 5. Build it the Right Way Measure the return you receive from implementing CRM systems

Project that is designed to generate profits might be draining profits

Customer Strategy Drives choice of metric
Performance 4. Measure Benefits 3. Implement Appropriate Technology 2. Align the Organization & its Processes How did it all begin? “Any organization that markets, sells or provides services or products should employ CRM policies, processes and enabling technology”

Jim West

(West 2001) Which Organizations is CRM best suited for? A strategy or philosophy with the fundamental purpose of optimizing customer profitability, revenue and satisfaction to achieve a high level of commitment to customers. Ultimately retaining and increasing profit.

(West, 2001) True Definition of CRM Contact management or sales force automation software?

Implemented CRM in call centers to handle customer support calls?

A fundamental element of the e-commerce initiative?

(West, 2001) What is Customer Relationship Management? Gait, K. (2011, January 19). The history of call centres.Call Centre Helper, Retrieved from http://www.callcentrehelper.com/the- history-of-the-call-centre-15085.htm
Lucas, R. W. (2001). The roles and responsibilities of a call center staff. In American Management Association (Ed.), How to be a great call center representativeRetrieved from http://www.flexstudy.com/catalog/schpdf.cfm?coursenum=96 040
Techtarget. (n.d.). E guide the power of call centers and customer loyalty. Search crm,
Victorino, L., Verma, R., & Wardell, D. G. (2008). Service scripting:a customers perspective of quality and performance . Cornell hospitality report, 8(20), 4 - 14.
West, J. (2001). Customer relationship management and you. IIE Solutions, 33(4), 34. Reference List 1. Developing a Customer Strategy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Invention of the Erlang C. Formula TIMELINE 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's Present Day ACD TECHNOLOGY Potential Recognized Technology Integration Standardization GLOBALIZATION Marketing Automation Sales Force
Automation Post Transaction
Customer Service
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