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Habits of Mind

These are some of the habits of mind that lead to academic excellence.

Maria Boza

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind
that Lead to Academic Excellence

Investment and involvement in learning
Taking ownership of one's own actions
Willingness to maintain interest and attention despite setbacks
Habits of Mind
Desire to know more
Willingness to consider new ways of thinking and being
Exploration of new approaches
Ability to adapt to new situations
Reflection about one's own processes
Cats have the right attitude.
Follow your curiosity.
Who knows where it will take you?
is up to you!!!
The sad fact is that not all instructors are lively nor all subjects fascinating.
You may get him for a teacher.
Being an entertainer is not part of an instructor's job description.
Don't depend on instructors.
Take your interest into your own hands
All of our decisions have consequences for ourselves and for others. The more mature we are, the more willing we are to own up to the consequences of our actions and to accept our duties.
There is a strong link between
Don't give up!
If you encounter difficulties,
try a new approach
keep trying!
There is a way!
Be willing to grow and to change.
Life offers us many opportunities to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.
Life is always throwing us curve balls, and conditions are not always ideal. We need to adapt to reality.
A Prezi by Maria Boza
Be brave!
Allow yourself to search for
new ways
of doing and thinking.
Looking at how we accomplish our intellectual tasks enables us to do more of what works and do less of what does not work.
Yes, it is possible to think about thinking
8 Good
All of these habits of mind can be developed and practiced.
The more a muscle is used, the stronger it gets. The same principle applies to mental habits.
Your education is in your hands.
When we are engaged, we are fully
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