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The Fall of Rome

Why and how the Western part of Rome fell.

Vivian N.

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome

Rome's Demise in the West Rome By Ashley Thai Nicole Wang and Yuxin "Shi Shi" Shi Vivian Ngu yen Alli son Dahl und har a Sengupta This is the Roman empire. Rome was once one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. But many things happened that caused Rome to crumble like a smashed cookie. The Rhine River The Danube River This is Britain And this is the most amazayn boyband ever. ONE DIRECTION!!!! <3<3<3 The Western Empire Lilo! Some problems were caused internally by the people of the Roman empire, while others were external and involved barbarian invaders. Help is good! The Eastern Empire Aw, Harry is alone. :( NIALL IS SO FUNNY! <3 . <3<3<3 First, we will discuss the
external reasons for the fall
of the Western Roman empire. The Goths were allowed into the Roman Empire, and were promised land and safety. However, they did not get what they were promised. They were forced to join the army and were not given enough food. In 410 A.D., Rome was sacked by the furious Goths, who demanded food. It was Rome' worst defeat in nearly 600 years; over 40,000 soldiers died. This weakened the empire, and helped bring about its downfall. Military Problems External Causes External Reasons Now, here are the internal reasons for the fall of Rome. They are separated into five main categories, which are: Invasions from the Huns, led by Attila, in Italy and Gaul were why the Roman army were called to defend the border. However, when they left their posts, more invaders poured in, thus causing destruction and further weakening of the army. In A.D. 284, the emperor Diocletian divided the empire into two parts. (outside influences) This is Attila, the leader of the Huns. Divided Empire (and corruption...) A Weak and Changing Government External Causes Military Reasons The New Germanic Kingdoms settled near Rome. Many attacks later, the Western Empire was gone by 476 AD. DUN Vas and DUN DUN Slavery A Large Social Gap which are such as: like, Military Reasons Weakening of trade
and farming because
of constant war A weaker army with foreign soldiers from Germany High Taxes This caused weakening of trade
and farming because
of constant war People Leaving the Cities Political Reasons The Introduction of Christianity Economic Reasons Social Reasons Religious Reasons With Little Loyal Citizens Images from CREDITS Defending the Roman Empire's borders was expensive. Therefore, the government had to keep raising taxes to support the military. There was also another big problem... CORRUPTION. Corruption is the use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. As the problems in the cities grew larger, the rich began to leave for their country homes, called latifundia. The cities grew more and more deserted and the poor began to work in the latifundia. And, as tempting as it sounds, don't get any ideas......... many became outlaws and thieves. (the latifundia were the
noble's large country estates) Over time, the old roman tradition of the city being center of life now turned toward the latifundia. This shaped Roman culture for centuries. THE END :) We hope you enjoyed this presentation. Thanks for watching! He thought it would strengthen the empire, but...... Guess what? It only made it WEAKER. The Roman army began to recruit foreign soldiers from Germany Oh no! However, they were not as loyal, and didn't follow orders as well This resulted in A WEAKER ARMY!!!!! At first, it seemed like a good idea. There were many diverse people and cultures in Rome. These people felt little loyalty
towards the government The government became weaker as the people became less loyal. The government became less important as Christianity rose Last... Slavery contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire for two main reasons. But AND It took jobs away from Roman citizens, making it harder to pay taxes and people poorer -The textbook Information from When they didn't work,
some Romans became lazy
and less willing to help fight - Allison Dahl
Ashley Thai
Nicole Wang
Vasundhara Sengupta
Vivian Nguyen
Yuxin "ShiShi" Shi Made by Prezi.com Made using which is like, AHHHHH!!!! THE VISIGOTHS ARE COMING! THE VISIGOTHS ARE COMING! And yes, he is staring at you. He's trying to figure out how to defeat and conquer the classroom. This is Alaric, the leader of the Visigoths Politics... -.- So many wars... and invasions... Sound familiar? *coughcough* *coughcough* ring any bells? I'd go fight for Rome- but I'm too lazy. Someone can do it for me. Okay people! One straight orderly single-file line to the latifundias! Are you richer than her? You go in first. Hey, hey, hey now, no pushing! like, Military Problems External Reasons By around 476, the Western Empire was nearly gone. The Visigoths caused their leaders to leave and about ten years later in Gaul, Clovis, king of the Franks, wiped out the remaining Roman army. As Christianity spread, a new problem arose that contributed to the Empire's collapse. When the Romans accepted the Christian beliefs, their loyalty to the empire weakened Some historians consider this a key factor in Rome's collapse YUM. Why should I care about Rome? That's the government's problem. Why do we have to listen to you? You're not our people. Jeez! Nah, the poor are just too poor. But hey, someone does need to be the better one. Humph! O.O Anyone want this one? Nice, tall, good for working in this field. I'll put him on sale! Yeah! There's a buyer! The Roman empire was worried, so they began to persecute Christians. Now we'll name the specific reasons. vivian This added even more to the poor people's financial problems. Certainly Not Least As the poor grew poorer and the rich did a little, the gap between the two groups began to widen While the gap expanded, social unrest grew and, fearing they might be harmed, the rich fled, contributing to the decline of cities The numbers of the poor increased from high taxes, corruption, and war Many tax collectors became corrupt. They charged too much money and kept the extra for themselves.
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