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An Intro to Slam Poetry: Honors

No description

Sheniece Jackson

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of An Intro to Slam Poetry: Honors

An Intro to Slam Poetry:
Let your voice be heard!

Your Poetry Should...
1. Make a point.

2. Be precise, clear, and original.

3. Use poetic devices (imagery, figurative language, rhythm, rhyme, repetition)
The Rules
1. Express your thoughts about what matters to you.

2. Must be school-appropriate.

3. Have fun!!!
The Project
What is Slam Poetry?
Poems are written to be spoken. Slam poetry is when the poem is performed using the voice and body to bring the poem to life. In a poetry slam, poets compete by reading and reciting original work that is later judged by the audience.
So... Let's Get Started!
We will analyze and create poetry, then transform our classroom into a poetry cafe. Read on to find out just what we have in store.
Getting Ideas
View the video clips. Take notes on each of the following areas:
-body language
-tone/use of voice
-audience interaction
-overall presentation

-Body Language?
-Tone/ Use of Voice?
-Audience Interaction?
-Overall Presentation?
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