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No description

Scott Bradley

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of FRESH PASTA

To make pasta to a saleable standard following the correct preparation methods
To demonstrate and use key terminology
throughout the practical

To demonstrate good levels of personal
and food hygiene at all times
To suggest dishes that the pasta could be used to prepare

A: 250g self raising flour&4 eggs?

B: 200g strong flour&3 eggs?
What harmful bacteria is associated with eggs?
A: ecoli
D: Diabetes
Name the key terminology for mixing pasta together?
A: kneading
B: stretching
C: smoothing
D: knitting
What consistency should the pasta be?
A: smooth with some lumps
B: smooth and elastic
C:Course and rough
D:none of the above

What does al dente mean?
A: snapped teeth
B: To the tooth (firm)
C: has small holes and dents in
D: non of the above
If you got that wrong scan the Al Dente image with your Aurasma app
Use the help desk and iPad
Code for today is 1505
Try and cook the pasta and make a sauce?
Link the pasta to possible dishes for your task 2 assessment
Students can make the dish in pairs within 45 minutes demonstrating all of the key terminology and preparation methods needed to make pasta to a saleable standard.
Outstanding if
– Students prepare the pasta and then decide on a suitable sauce to accompany the pasta with and cook all of the components to create a pasta dish. Students will be able to explain in detail the food safety risks involved when making and cooking fresh pasta.
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