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No description

Carly Bullock

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of CARP Test

Is that site good
enough to cite? C.A.R.P. Test Currency Relevancy Purpose Activity Authority Review The timeliness of the website Does the website
provide information
you need? Who is the author,
creator or sponsor? Is advertising content
vs informational content
identifiable? Using the Website Evaluation
form given to you,
evaluate the website
using the C.A.R.P. system What does C.A.R.P stand for? Currency Relevancy Authority Purpose When was the
site created? When was the site
last updated? Are the links
and functional? Does the information
meet your needs? Can you find the same or better
information in
another source? The source of the website Are the author's
credentials listed? Is there contact
such as an
email address? What does the
URL tell you? Words to look for About us FAQs Our Staff Who am I? Company
Information Profiles What is their: Education? Experience? Affiliation? The reason the website exists Is the purpose
of the site stated? Is the information
biased? Usually found towards the bottom
of the page Watch out for advertisements
that blend in with information What is their:
Experience? http://www.house.gov Homepage for the House of Representatives, a branch of the government http://www2.fi.edu/ The Franklin Institute,
an educational museum
located in Philadelphia http://www.southernct.edu/
~brownm/meb_ecv.html A personal webpage of a
professor at Southern CT. http://www.lls.org/ Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, an organization raising money for cancer research. Purpose clearly stated Objectivity:
Is the point of view balanced?
Is the information based on:
fact? opinion? prejudice?
Are both sides of the issue presented? Biased or Unbiased? Biased or Unbiased? What are some words to look for to determine author, creator or sponsor information?
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