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Genesis v. The Magician's Nephew

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Ashley Carroll

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Genesis v. The Magician's Nephew

Discussion Topic
Summary of The Magician's Nephew
In Genesis, souls are only given to human beings. In Magician's Nephew, souls are given to animals and half-human half-animal creatures, such as fauns and satyrs.
Aslan didn't create humans directly, humans are brought into Narnia from our world. God actually created mankind.
In the garden, Digory refuses Jadis' offer while Eve gave into temptation.
Summary of Genesis
Genesis v. The Magician's Nephew
Aslan had never intended for evil to ever be in Narnia, the same way God intended for evil and sin to never be in the world.
There is forbidden fruit in each, the forbidden apples in Magician's Nephew and the forbidden fruits in Genesis.
In both works, the world is created by vocal command of some sort. In Genesis, God's word created the world. In Magician's Nephew, the world was created by Aslan singing.
There is temptation with forbidden fruit in each. Jadis in Magician's Nephew and the serpent in Genesis.
Obviously, Lewis' primary goal in writing the story of Narnia's creation was not to make an exact allegory to Genesis, but perhaps to draw from select Biblical creation images, and pattern a children's story from them.
Aslan can be viewed as "God" to some in the same way that we view God. What traits does Aslan share with God, and how does he contrast with God? Do you view Aslan as a God?
Also, compare and contrast Digory and Polly with Adam and Eve.
The story takes place in London, where two friends (Polly and Digory) start exploring the attics of connected houses. They take a wrong turn and run into Digory's Uncle Andrew in his study. Uncle Andrew tricks Polly into touching a golden ring, which causes her to vanish. Uncle Andrew explains that she has been transported to another world, and gives Digory a second golden ring which transports him to a forest. He finds Polly there, and after some exploring, they find the ruins of the ancient world of Charn and statues of its old kings and queens. Digory accidentally awakens a witch named Jadis, who follows the pair back to London and enslaves Uncle Andrew. Digory and Polly grab the golden rings and manage to transport Jadis and Uncle Andrew to a dark void. They witness the creation of Narnia. Jadis flees at the sight of Aslan.
Summary (cont.)

Aslan gives life to Narnia, and gives animals the power of speech, and then confronts Digory because he brought evil to his world. He orders Digory to get an apple from a garden which will protect Narnia from Jadis' magic. Digory and Polly go to the garden, find the apples, and Jadis tempts Digory with them. Digory refuses her advances, and takes the apple back to Aslan. Digory and Polly return to England, after Aslan gives Digory another apple to heal his mother. Digory plants the apple cores and the rings and it grows into a tree. Digory uses to wood from the tree to make a wardrobe, leading to the events of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
God created the heavens, the earth, and everything that existed. He made mankind in his image. God created a man and placed him in the Garden of Eden. Adam was lonely, so God have him Eve. God gave them everything in the garden, except for a tree, known as the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". A serpent came and tempted Eve into eating the fruit of the tree, which she did, as well as feeding Adam the fruit.
Summary of Genesis (cont.)
Because Adam and Eve disregarded what God told them about the tree, they were banished from the garden and sin was admitted into the world.
In Genesis, after creating the heavens and earth, the first thing God does is to create light: "And God said, 'Let there be light.'
It isn't until the second day that he creates dry land.

In The Magician's Nephew, Narnia is still dark after
solid land is created, as light has not been created
NIV Study Bible
The Magician's Nephew
by C.S. Lewis
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