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Standards and Assessments

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on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Standards and Assessments

How do they connect to Common Core?
Purpose of Assessment
Ultimate reason for assessment is to help students learn.
formative assessment
summative assessment
Types of Assessment Measures
What is Assessment?
Implies many things in education: evaluation grades, tests, performances, reflection, criteria, rubrics, and more
The act of sitting next to oneself and critiquing what has been learned and what is observed
Connects to standards - what students should know, be able to do, and used to evaluate teachers and principals

Assessments FOR and OF Learning
Assessments for learning are both summative and formative assessments
ex. student essays, projects, and portfolios
determine how deeply the students understand the content
Assessments of learning are summative assessments
ex. standardized tests
determines who moves forward
Performance Measurements
Authentic assessments
learning logs and journals
folios and portfolios
student products and projects
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