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Water Pollution

No description

Ashvin Uthayakumar

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Water Pollution

Water Pollution What is Water Pollution -Water Pollution is the contamination of water (bodies of water)
-It affects plants and organisms living in the bodies of water
-It is one of the world's leading causes of death and diseases such as:
-And many more Cleaning Our Water Supply What Can Happen -Seven people died in Walkerton, Ontario because of water pollution and 2500 became ill where the population of the community was about 5000 at the time.
-If the same thing happened in a major city, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions could become ill or even die. -All water has to go through treatment plants
-We constantly upgrade them to meet the demand of our growing population.
-We have to stop using chemicals such as pesticides as it will get washed up into bodies of water
-Governments have already started cleaning bodies of water and many other companies are helping out too (i.e RBC Clean Water Foundation) Why We Should Care -People are polluting our water at a rapid pace here in Canada and many other countries around the world.
-We are disposing human wastes, animal wastes, and chemical substances into bodies of water at a really fast pace.
-If we continue our dirty ways, our fresh water supply could become too dirty to clean
-Lake Ontario has already been called a chemical soup
-Without water, all life will die so we must start cleaning our water and stop dumping wastes into
-One of the children rights include that we have a right to an adequate standard of living and water pollution prevents that from happening. Pollutants -Pollutants are substances that make the environment unsanitary and dirty.
-Our water may seem clean, but it can still be polluted.
-Some types of pollutants are chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, pesticides, and lead/copper.
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