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Vango Tech Brand Plan 2013

No description

Daniela Giannini

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Vango Tech Brand Plan 2013

Brand Plan 2013 SWOT Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strengths Dedicated following
Strong brand heritage, long history of being Scout/DofE groups preferred choice of tent brand
DofE Recommendation influences purchases in a positive way
High quality & cost control reduces problems and encourages confidence in the products
Large market share
Extremely high brand awareness
Strong brand perception from consumers/general public Not immune to the recession
Suffered over the terrible summer/2012 season
Sales are extremely weather dependent
Lack of distinction within the brand
DofE Recommendation can deter people expecting it to surpass the levels of quality DofE require Sales are weather dependent, therefore dependent on a good summer to meet targets
Gelert have received funding to re-build the brand and may become a key competitor again eating into our market share
Triple dip recession
Lack of cash from retailers Technical camping is least dependent on good weather conditions
Increase the amount of customer facing branding/ POS that talks directly to the customer
Improve Social Media interaction with consumers to help build the brand relationship with them Business
Goals Key Goals & Objectives Consumer
Goals Trade
Goals Sales Value
Total A&P
Total Trade
Total Budget £.00
£56,000.00 Key Strategies Brand Vision Brand Tool Kit Brand Proposition Communication Platform Vango technical tents are some of the best on the market and are made by users for the user. Their tents last for years to come and can be used in the roughest terrain the UK & Europe has to offer Instills confidence in any conditions that Vango Tech Tents will withstand the elements and keep you safe and dry on your expeditions Online, Social media, print advertisements in consumer facing publications & DofE magazine, gear reviews, marketing support for retailers e.g.Tiso window, sponsorships Consumer Profile 13yrs+ from those taking their 1st steps into camping with the Scouts, those doing their DofE to UK based expeditions and seasoned trekkers. Increase consumer awareness of the key selling points and technology present throughout the Vango Trekking & Expedition range
Increase presence in store and differentiate Vango products from competitors on the shelf
Encourage new consumers from a young age Increase retail staff awareness of the Vango products and the level of recommendations given in store to consumers
Have the brand presence in all retail outlets in the UK Communicate the USP's and main F&B's of products more effectively
Build the brands relationships with retail shop floor staff i.e. the people who are actually selling the products to the consumer and who's opinion is highly valued
Offer a POS solution for all levels of retailers on which they can build upon in the forthcoming years
Interact with consumers in-store & online Key Activities Develop & build relationships with retail staff Offer a POS solution for all levels of retailers on which they can build upon in the forthcoming years Interact with directly with consumers Objectives Activity Mechanics Measure of Success Timings Budget Objectives Activity Mechanics Measure of Success Timings Budget Objectives Activity Mechanics Measure of Success Timings Budget Objectives Activity Mechanics Measure of Success Timings Budget Execute a fun & comprehensive training program for key retail outlets to engage with staff members and educate them on the key selling points of the products Increase in sales March 2013 - June 2013 Build relationships with shop floor staff & gain their recommendations in store Build brand awareness amongst new consumers who rely on retail staffs knowledge to select products Offer interactive POS that retail staff can use to give additional guidance and advice to consumers e.g. back sizer Position Vango as the brand of choice for retail staff Offer sales incentive/competition to store staff to push sales of Vango products with products as prizes Feedback from retail/TM's No. entries to competition /incentive April 2013 - Aug 2013 March 2013 - May 2013 All POS should call out at least one key feature of the product. POS should be designed specifically with increasing the product awareness Key Activity Plan Key Activities Increase awareness of of products USP's and key F&B's Communicate the USP's and main F&B's of products more effectively in store Increase the amount of product information on social media Introduce bi monthly fact sheets through social media giving followers information on a star product per post as a 'did you know' Feedback from store staff and TM's Increase in the number of followers and the level of interaction with posts March - Aug '13 March - Sep '13 Key Activities Enable smaller stores benefit from Vango POS items in store Offer low priced/smaller items of POS to cater for smaller independent stores which can be built upon year on year Offer a comprehensive POS package to accommodate a broad range of retailers ensuring branding in all accounts large & small Ensure enough POS is ordered to satisfy demand and that everyone who requires POS/additional POS is able to receive it Provide POS to all stores that require it Feedback from TM's/Store staff No. of POS items ordered No. requests fulfilled/ lack of items at the end of the year April - Ongoing Jan - April '13 Jan - Oct '13 Increase presence on social media Provide more interactive content for website Provide engaging POS in store to increase time spent on Vango products Increase the amount of trekking content posted on social media and the interaction with trekking consumers Ensure all video's are uploaded to the website, youtube and social media sites, increase the level of social content on the www. page e.g. regular updates from the team Utilise and increase the no of video screens we have in store to showcase the pitching/tent video's for the trekking range Statistics from FB on sharing/ comments & 'likes' Feedback from Store staff/TM's £4400.00 (£110 ea screen) March '13 Feb '13 - ongoing Feb '13 - May '13 Increase in traffic to content on site N/A N/A Dealer Support Budget Dealer Support Budget N/A N/A Dealer Support £2,500.00 £1,000.00 Dealer Support Budget Ensure brand communication is present in all stores and is consistent across the board Execute a comprehensive print and online advertising schedule coupled with Gear testing to complement ads Communicate F & B's directly with customers Inc, in sales March - Sep '13 £30,000
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