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Anna's Prezi

No description

Anna Bial

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Anna's Prezi

Anna's Prezi
My name is Anna Sophia(Sof-i-a) Bial
I'm thirteen years old

I have lived in three states(New York, New Mexico, and Kansas)
I love acting

I have been in ten shows
My favorite color is

My favorite foods are New York bagels, tacos, and french vanilla ice cream
My favorite movie is Safe Haven
I love Pretty Little Liars
Disney Movies are the best thing that has ever happened to me
I have seen eight broadway shows
My best friend is Maddy Johnson
I really hate annoying people
I miss seventh grade a lot
I'm Catholic and Jewish so I celebrate Hannukah and Christmas
I have been to Switzerland
I go to New York City all the time
I have about eighty second cousins
I got to see the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade from an apartment on fifth avenue
I hate Math and Science
I like going on picnics
I love sweaters and comfortable clothes
I like the color of leaves in the fall
My eyes are gigantic
I tend to raise my voice when I get mad
I'm really loud
I hate the sound of my voice on video
I hate my hair
All of my friends play soccer
Starbucks is amazing
I think commenting mean stuff on social media is pathetic
the end
I'm in the school play
I like playing basketball
I am addicted to my phone
I play clarinet
I'm doing Model UN and Future City
I've been backpacking
I love camping
I like reading
I am a terrible artist
I'm pretty excited for High School
I have trouble listening to people
I tend to blank out a lot
I love going to camps in the summer
I have a gigantic family
I went to quail run for elementary school
I have one sister
I'm going to live in new york city some day
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