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No description

joey polo

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Unicef

Is UNICEF trustworthy?
Yes,it is one of the most trustworthy because The UNICEF was recognized by the UN (United Nations), also it was brodcated by the CBC news and CTV news.
How many people does it help?
Unicef helps 190 countries in the world,it helps 1.8m million people in one month so 1.8 million times 12=21.6 million.It helps 21.6 million people a year.
Is it local?Global?
Unicef helps people around the world. It is a global organization, which is very resourceful because it is eligible to help more people around the world. Would you want a charity that nly helps a small amount of people in Canada only !
Is the cause Important?
The cause is very important because they are helping children, children are the ones you are ore needy and helps over 21.6 million people every year. Also during the Siryan refugee crysis it is also helping Siryan refugees
Thanks For Watching
Where Is The Money Going?
The money goes towards saving childrens life,help strengthen child protection systems,rescue child soldiers,educate children,provide health care and protection against AIDS and Hiv.
Who is it helping?

Unicef is only helping children around the world.
UNICEF ( United Nations Childrens Fund)
By: Joey, Suyash and Vaisnavan

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