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Private Peaceful

No description

Brian W.

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

Private Peaceful Michael Morpurgo By Michael Morpurgo Published by Scholastic Press Summary Private Peaceful is written by Michael Morporgo and published Sholastic Press. This story takes place in a town in which a Colonel is the leader. Thomas Peaceful, Charlie Peaceful, Mother, and Father live in a small cottage in Colonel's town. Thomas's older brother Charlie goes to a local school. Thomas is to go to the school. Mr. Munnings, a teacher at Charlie's school had a bad temper. Molly, a girl Thomas meet helped him tie his laces at recess. From then on they became friends, and Molly came over to their house after school. Later on Charlie had to get a job at the Colonel's house, Charlie needed to help pay for food and the rent for the house. Charlie got kicked out of Colonel's house, and Mother had to go to the big house(colonel's house) to serve as a maid. Grandma Wolf(that is what Charlie and Thomas call their grandma) came over to take care of Charlie and Thomas. Grandma Wolf was mean, unlike Mother, she wouldn't let Molly visit them anymore, she always slaps Big Joe in the face when she gets mad at him. Big Joe is is part of the Peaceful family, he never went to school. He sings songs and loves to sing Oranges and Lemons. Later Charlie and Molly fell in love, and she was kicked out of her house because her parents did not like Charlie, plus she had Charile's baby already. Then World War I came, an army general was recruiting soilders for the war. Thomas escaped the crowd and an old lady called him a coward. Charlie was forced to join by the Colonel, and so Thomas joined because he wanted to be with his brother. When they got to the army camp, Sergeant Hanley was a very mean. He was worse than Mr. Munnings. He punished Charlie a lot cause he hated him.
They finished their training and went to Belgium to fight. Thomas was scared but Charlie clamed him down. On their way the ship almost sunk in a heavy storm.
The fighting was terrible, Charlie got hurt after three months of fighting. He got sent home to a hospital. Thomas was now used to all of the fighting. They fought and fought, they won. Charlie came back after his leg healed. One night, Charlie was excuted by Sergeant Hanely and by other officers in court under 20 minutes. Can you believe 20 minutes for a man's life? Charlie was dead and the war was won. Historical Fictional Information World War I was a very hard and bloody time. It began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. It is one of the sixth-deadliest conflicts in world history. On July 28 1914 the characters in the story fought German, to help Belgium fight the Germans. Many soldiers were executed like Charlie was in less than 20 minutes. The German's plan was to advance through Belgium and then push them to the German border, and surround them. Many soliders were killed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_Peaceful Morpurgo's first job was as a school teacher, in Kent. In his late twenties, while he was teaching, he discovered his talent for storytelling, of which he later said "I could see there was magic in it for them, and realized there was magic in it for me." World War I pictures
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