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Marrow Appraisal 2012-2013

No description

Adam Young

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Marrow Appraisal 2012-2013

MARROW Aberdeen
Our Year 2012-2013:
Your Opinion? Fundraising Counsellor Training Donor Recruitment Next Year:
2013 -2014 Thank You!

UNICEF Talks: Tomorrow, MR107, 6pm

AGM: Tuesday 7th May (next week), 5:30pm Target: £2,000 Previous Year's
10-11: £1,600
11-12: £2,427.84 12-13 Committee Positions:
2x Fundraising Co-ordinators
Kirsten Cummings & Sue-Yin Yong
With assistance from committee 2 Street Collections £1,132.13

Total: £2,432.23 2 Pub-Quiz's £85.00

Total: £180.00 Gray's "First" 10K Total: £350.00 Acapella Christmas Concert Total: £154.54 Christmas Carolling Total: £86.73 Freshers Fair Total: £29.89 Bake Sales "Sue-Yin's Buns!" £125.21
Total: £390.19 Annual Christmas Party Total £177.20 Donation Total: £90.00 From Ami's old school's charity week events Total:
£3,965.48 Target: £2,000 12-13 Committee Positions:
1x Senior Clinic Co-ordinator
Helena Hurst
5x Clinic Co-ordinators
Sarah Beverstock,
Ami Munro,
Gary Thomson,
Gordon Brown,
Catherine Diamond 13 Donor Recruitment Sessions Counsellor Co-ordinator
Anna Brewster Aberdeen Sports Village 3x Donor Recruitment Events
1) 46
2) 24
3) 30 Total: 100 LGBTea 1x Donor Recruitment event

Total 10 Tau Racing Society One Event lasting 50mins

Total 19 Suttie Centre 1x Recruitment event Total 48 Hillhead Joint event:

Counsellor training
Donor recruitment Total 21 IMS Joint event:
Bake sale
Recruitment Event Total: 13 PureGym 1x Donor Recrutiment Event Total: 11 RGU With thanks to:
Rachel Saunders
LGBT+ co-presidents 2x Donor Recruitment Events:
1) Garthdee: 73
2) RGUnion (Catherine's Appeal): 56 Student Festival 1x Donor Recruitment Event
in the MacRobert Building Total: 15 Banff & Buchan College 1x Donor Recruitment Event.
Organized by Anthony Nolan Total 113 Target: 200 Total Sign ups: 479! 13 Committee Positions
General Members Addition of two new positions suggested by Anthony Nolan and National Marrow Should be an experienced MARROW member with previous committee experience and ability to step into most committee roles if necessary.
Chairs committee meetings.
Liaise with National MARROW, Other MARROW groups and Anthony Nolan Staff.
Liaises with Medical School and Arlene Ray.
Liaises with AUSA.
Attends AGM’s where possible.
Ensure Sustainability of Marrow Aberdeen.
Should be organized and willing to undertake any role. Should be flexible and willing to learn about MARROW and ANTHONY NOLAN. 1) President Stand in when president is absent (eg. When in Inverness)
Listen to the committee fears concerns and ideas

Should be organized and willing to undertake any role.
Should be flexible and willing to learn about MARROW and ANTHONY NOLAN. 2) Vice- President 3) Secretary
4) Treasurer
5) Vice-Treasurer At least one of the three below should be someone with previous Marrow committee experience. Book rooms for meetings
Take Minutes for meeting
Keep check on the e-mail accounts
Become familiar with Doodle

Should be organized and willing to undertake any role.
Should be flexible and willing to learn about MARROW and ANTHONY NOLAN. 3) Secretary Keeps accounts
Deposits money we raise
Forwards money raised to Anthony Nolan
Writes grant applications with assistance of President/Vice-President

Should be organized and willing to undertake any role.
Should be flexible and willing to learn about MARROW and ANTHONY NOLAN. 4) Treasurer Assists the treasurer.
Stands in when treasurer is absent (eg When in Inverness).

Should be organized and willing to undertake any role.
Should be flexible and willing to learn about MARROW and ANTHONY NOLAN. 5) Vice-Treasurer Someone with previous Marrow committee experience. Ideally a past Clinic Co-ordinator.

Oversees the clinic co-ordinators and facilitates teaching of clinic co-ordination (planning, implementing, running).
Should be knowledgeable in clinic co-ordination.
Become familiar with Doodle 8) Senior Clinic Co-ordinator Think of fundraising events.
Plan and Organize Fundraising events.
Publicise fundraising events
Write to local businesses/charitable organizations 6/7) Fundraising Co-ordinators (x2) Think of new and innovative clinic ideas as well as continue to improve old and successful clinic ideas.
Book facilities to host clinics.
Book equipment/supplies deliveries.
Set up the clinic.
Run Clinic
Pack up the clinic.
Ensure counsellors are scheduled to man the clinic.
Publicise their clinic.
Assist the counsellor co-ordinator where possible/appropriate.
Become familiar with Doodle 9/10/11) Clinic Co-ordinators (x3) Take responsibility for social media (currently Facebook & Twitter).
Increase our use of Twitter and our base of followers.
Dismantle our current facebook person and construct a facebook page.
Become familiar with Doodle
Promote social media campaigning/phogrpahy at clinics. 12) Social Media Co-ordinator Plan counsellor training sessions.
Train counsellors (both in teaching session and in 1-to-1 sessions).
Assist with clinic co-ordination
Keep a record of trained councellors.
Ensure annual volunteer forms are kept up to date. 13) Counselor Co-ordinator Offered to anyone who does not wish to have a committee position and to anyone who is not successful in gaining a committee position.
To assist with the running of MARROW Aberdeen.
To assist any of the committee members who roles you are interested in, would like experience in, or keen to understand. General Member Elections at the AGM Position is offered up.
Self nomination by those interested.
Ballet held.
Order of response documented in the minuets (AY/RH)
IF the number of people wanting the position is equal to the number of positions, the floor will be asked if anyone is apposed. If not, positions will be awarded to those nominated. Monkey House Collection Total: £71.00 Going Forward Street Collections 2nd Nov 2013
30th Nov 2013
1st March 2014
ASDA Other Stuff Aberdeen Highland Games
17th June 2013 Other Gala's
???? Continued work with RGU Continued work with AUSA
...and on campus Catherine's Appeal
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