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Fitness Requirements for Motorcycle Riders

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Deanna Pistacchio

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Requirements for Motorcycle Riders

Fitness Components for Motorcycle Riders
Specific Fitness Components
Cardiovascular Endurance for example: swimming or running
Muscular Endurance ; building up the muscle-mainly Core, inner legs and upper body.
Agility: the ability to move quickly
Balance: as you are on two wheels
Reaction time: has to be spot on due to high risk
Power: It takes alot for the rider to change the direction of the bike
Body Composition: the lighter the rider the more competitive
Coordination to enhance movement of the bike and to use the controls on the machine for example,brakes,clutch and accelerator
: Frequency : Cardiovascular 4-5 per week 40 mins per session
: Intensity : 3-4 hours of training per day : intensity varying on the rider
: time: dependant on the level of rider
: type: of exercise to strengthen specific muscles used in the sport.

Specific to fitness needs
Progression depending on level of category
Overlaoding the body to the maximum performance
Reversibility after an injury and rest period and returning to fitness
Tedious exercise: changing the exercise to avoid boredom
Effects of Overtraining
Periodisation is the process of dividing an annual training plan into specific time blocks, where each block has a particular goal and provides your body with different types of stress.
The Macrocycle: longest period November-March
Mesocycle:Middle block of training
Micro cycle: Short training periods-between races

Pharmacological Aids
One form of Ergogenic aid is pharmacological. These include performance enhancing drugs, both illegal and legal. They have been used by sports competitors for many years and can be very effective.
" The general population believes that they improve physical appearance ..."
McArdle Katch,Katch (2009)
Video Clip
Legal and Illegal
Creatine Monohydrate - Long term supplementation has shown significant gains in performance, strength and fat-free mass which may be due to increased muscle mass or water retention.
Caffeine - it stimulates the central nervous system and has been used by some athletes as an ergogenic aid in endurance exercise. Caffeine does not seem to benefit short-term high intensity exercise. Caffeine decreases the effects of Creatine (McArdle Et al,2000)
Therapeutic properties

Amphetamines - they stimulate the central nervous system and have been used by some athletes to enhance performance. They increase blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow to the active muscles.

Anabolic Steroid - Anabolic steroids are one group of these hormonal drugs and are used by some athletes. They are taken to allow for an increase in training time and intensity and to reduce the recovery time required between training sessions.

Psychological Aids
Relaxation techniques
Nutritional Ergogenic Aids
improve strength, speed, power, or endurance (such as: carbohydrates, fat, protein, fluid, vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs).
Changing body composition (such as protein, energy, chromium )
Products that may enhance recovery (such as fluids,
The general population believes that they improve physical appearance ..."
McArdle Katch,Katch (2009)
Physiological Aids
Legal: Sports massage

Illegal: Blood Doping
Altitude Training
Computers - Used to analyse VO2 max, technique, test results etc.
Video recorders - Used to analyse technique
Elastic cord (pulling and resisting)
Downhill running
Uphill running
Weighted vests
Sports clothing, footwear and equipment
Timing equipment
Engine adjustments in motorsport
Underperfomance Syndrome
The ‘unexplained underperformance syndrome’ (UUPS) is defined as a history of objective loss of performance, without a medical cause and despite two weeks of rest.(Oxford 1999)
Symptoms: fatigue,low libido.loss of appetite
Should not be confused with other ailments
Severity would need pharmalogical intervention if depression occured.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be described as a condition that is characterized primarily by extremely low levels of energy over a prolonged period of time.Perhaps CFS can be defined as an accumulation of training and nontraining stress resulting in a long-term decrement in performance capacity, with or without related physiological or psychological signs and symptoms, in which restoration of performance capacity may take several months or years.
Cycles of Periodization
available at www.active.com Date accessed 12/03/2014
Kenney l,Wilmore JH,Costill DL (2012)
Physiology of Sport and Exercise
Fifth Edition USA Human Kinetics
McArdle WD,Katch FI,Katch VL (2000)
Essentials of Exercise Physiology
(2nd Edition) Philadelphia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Optimum sports performance and overtraining available at www.motogp.com Date accessed 10/03/2014
Physiology sports aids(2013) available at www.thefitmap.com Date accessed 01/03/2014
Principles of exercise (2012) available at www.bbc.co.uk date accessed 7/03/2014
Sports and fitness support (2014) available at www.med.nyu.ed Date accessed 02/03/2014

Movement disturbance
Affect agility and concentration
Higher the heart rate
Cause fatigue which could result in a crash
" With heavy and prolonged regular training,especially in endurance sports,certain athletes experience overtraining,staleness or burnout"
McArdle et al (2000)
Principles of Fitness
Ergogenic and Ergolytic Aids
Ergogenic Aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance ( Kenney Et al 2012)
Ergolytic drugs are used over a long period of time and often impair performance.(Eichner)
Must be proven scientifically to enhance performance
Placebo Effect-one's perceptions and expectation of a substance
Scientists often rely on laboratory techniques
Moving on to types of Aids
"many of the earlier and all recent studies found steroids to have considerable effects on performance..." (kenney et al (2012)
image available at www.wikimedia.com date uploaded [14/03/2014]
Mechanical Aids
Image: Imagery in sport available at www.googleimages.com
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