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Art Majors

Senior Seminar

Stephanie Nester

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Art Majors

Gen. Eds. caracteristicas "So, you all just, like, doodle all day... Right?" "So, you all just, like, doodle all day... Right?" "So, like, what can you even '
DO with an Art Degree?" Questions? Comments? "La única manera
de expresar hasta
lo inexpresable es
el arte"-Roselly Escaño OBRAS Estilo: informalista
por:"pintores de la materia"
tecnica: collage Tecnica: Manchado por: "tachistas" Mark Rothko - Untitled Black on gray 1969 Stephanie Nester
Cydney Chasky
Anne Shively and together we are...... FGCU ART MAJORS (what we all take) What Art Majors CAN Take (when/IF these classes are ACTUALLY offered) what WE have taken Anne Cydney Steph & Senior Project
Foundations of Civic Engagement
University Colloquium Senior Project
Foundations of Civic Engagement
University Colloquium Required Courses in the Major Common Prerequisites History of Visual Arts I
History of Visual Arts II
Methods & Concepts I
Methods & Concepts II
Drawing I
Drawing II History of Visual Arts I
History of Visual Arts II
Methods & Concepts I
Methods & Concepts II
Drawing I
Drawing II Anne Cydney Steph Advertising Agency
(creative dept) Freelance
Work with Animals
Fashion School
Intern/Apprentice Art Therapy
Art Museum
Intellectual Property Law Advertising Animator Restorer Architect Art Critic Art Dealer Art Director Art Historian Art Therapist Artists' Agent Automobile Specialty Painter Billboard Designer Book Jacket Designer Cabinet Maker Ceramic Tile Artisan Children's Book Illustrator Cinematographer Combat Photographer Graphic Design Conservator Corporate Designer Costume Designer Curator Fabric Designer Fashion Designer Furniture Designer Gallery/Museum Director Glass Blower Greeting Card Designer Industrial Designer Interior Decorator Jewelry Designer Landscape Architect Lawyer Lecturer Lighting Designer Logo Designer Machine Designer Magazine Designer Market Researcher Medical Illustrator Metalworker Package Designer Painter Photojournalist Photographer Legal Photographer Police Artist Publicity Director Sculptor Set Designer Silversmith Special Effects Technician Stonemason Tattoo Artist Taxidermist Teacher Toy Design Urban Planner Visual Aid Artist Video Game Designer Web page Designer Drawing Workshop Painting Workshop Sculpture Workshop Survey of Non-western Art Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art Greek and Roman Art Medieval Art Renaissance and Baroque Art Nineteenth Century Art Twentieth Century Art African Art Asian Art Caribbean Art Chinese Contemporary Art Directed Independent Study Special Topics in Art History Painting I Intro Computer Imaging Sculpture I Ceramics I Introduction to Ceramics Figure Drawing Alternative Printmaking Painting II Web Design Sculpture II Casting and Moldmaking Wheel Throwing Clay Sculpture Raku Ceramics Contemporary Ceramics Professional Practice in Art Environmental Art Drawing Workshop Adv Computer Imaging Directed Independent Study Painting Workshop Sculpture Workshop Digital Media Workshop Ceramics Workshop Special Topics in Art Internship Graphic Design I Graphic Design II Graphic Design Introduction to Digital Photography Digital Media Workshop Ceramics Workshop Introduction to Digital Photography Sculpture Workshop
Directed Independent Study: "Casting and Moldmaking"
Drawing Workshop Environmental Art Raku Ceramics
Casting and Moldmaking Sculpture II
Alternative Printmaking Figure Drawing
Introduction to Ceramics Sculpture I
Chinese Contemporary Art Senior Project Other interesting courses I have taken at FGCU:
Firewalking: Viruses of the Mind
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Biology of Human Sexuality (amazing class!) Integrated Core Senior Seminar
Issues in Science and Technology:
"Sci in Movies"
Issues in Culture and Society:
"Japanese Pop Culture" Drawing Workshop Professional Practice in Art
Adv Computer Imaging Twentieth Century Art
Special Topics in Art: "Museum Practices"
Alternative Printmaking Sculpture I
Casting and Moldmaking Web Design
Introduction to Digital Photography
Intro Computer Imaging Painting I
Survey of Non-western Art
Drawing Workshop Integrated Core Senior Seminar
Issues in Sci & Tech:
"Sci in Movies"
"Drugstore Society"
"Technological Singularity"
Issues in Culture & Society:
"Animal Rights"
"Death & Dying" Other interesting courses:
Gender Studies
Social Problems
Chemical Dependency
Photojournalism What made you choose an Art Degree? Were there any hardships you had to overcome? Plan on doing? What Art Related Work or Gallery Showings Have You Done During Your Life at Fgcu? So, are you glad you did it?
Anything you would change? Anne Steph Cydney Steph Anne (When asked, we all answered the same thing: The stigma) Steph Anne Cydney Now, check out some of our work Steph Cydney Anne 2 FGCU Main Gallery

Shidai Jingshen: The Spirit of the Epoch of the Chinese Avant-Garde gallery opening

Current: internship with the Office of Housing and Residence Life marketing department. 3 at Sydney Berne Davis Art Center

2 FGCU Main Gallery

3 FGCU Art Lab Family: have been supportive
Friends: it depends on which friends- all usually ask what I plan on doing with it
Co-workers/Customers: silent when I say I am an art major, or ask what I plan to do, joke, look down on me, etc. A lot of people like to joke that art degrees are pointless and aren't "actual" degrees, but I've encountered lots of lovely support from friends and family. > Glad I could apply interests to a degree.
> Would do it again
>Enjoyed life drawing & would take more classes in this area if I could. > Yes!
> Would definitely do it all again!
> Study Abroad
> Spend more time
> Be and Artist Zombie > Couldn't see myself doing anything else
> I didn't really know that much about other majors
> I knew I didn't want to be sitting behind a desk in a cubicle, in the medical field, and other such careers
> I have loved art my entire life,
> wanted to learn more about the different possible processes and mediums.
> I did check out Art schools, geared towards a particular field Cydney > art has always been a part of my life.
> I've been drawing ever since the moment I learned to hold a crayon
> I knew that I would be surrounded by a creative atmosphere in the art department. Photography Sculpture Drawing Steph's Steph's Anne's Anne's Cydney's Doors Project Photography Raku
Plate Photography Sculpture Cydney's Introduction to Digital Photography
Chinese Contemporary Art
Nineteenth Century Art
Intro Computer Imaging
Digital Media Workshop
Adv Computer Imaging
Graphic Design I
Graphic Design II

General Psychology 3 FGCU Main Gallery
2 FGCU Art Lab
2 Arts for ACT
1 Cigar Bar Downtown
1 Alliance for the Arts Graphic Design The stigma is hard. I've had friends, strangers, etc. give me blatently rude comments & they don't see it.
"Oh, you wouldn't understand.. you're just an Art Major" > Finally, yes. Took some convincing.
> Love the IDS minor they required me to have.
> Wasn't a fan of being "required" at first, but they were some of my fav classes
> Didn't like broad range of classes at first, learned other mediums > Didn't want to at first; started out as a Bio Major
> Parents actually suggested I go into Art (not typical parents)
> As it turns out, apparently I'm right where I'm supposed to be
> I've been drawing since I was very young; tried to copy Mom
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