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Alicia Jurman

Holocaust Project for Mr. Gould

Travis C

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Alicia Jurman

Birth and Childhood Alicia Jurman was born May 5, 1930 in Rosulna Poland. Rosulna is a very small village, located in the Carpathian Mountains. When she was 5 years of age, she moved to Buczacz in eastern Poland. On September 1, 1939, at the battle of blitzkrieg, Hitler and the Germans invaded Poland, starting WWII. Alicia's father, one brother, etc. were all killed during Hitler's attempt to invade eastern Poland in later years. Alicia Jurman
Paperclip Project
Mr. Gould
Period #7 Holocaust Story Alicia's brother, Mosche, was the first to die in the family. He escaped from Russia, where he was taken to, but the Russians took him back and executed him. Alicia's father was killed trying to resist the German's along with 600 other Jewish fathers. Alicia, her mother, and two remaining brothers were put into a Jewish ghetto for a year. Alicia's two brothers were sent to prison camps. The Germans wished to be intimidating so they got ten people, two of which were Alicia's brothers, and sent them to the firing squad for everyone to see. Alicia and her mom were put on a train that was on it's way to a death camp. The adults threw all the children out of the window, hoping that they would survive. Survival Story Along with the previous survival stories that I've told, here are more. When Alicia was in a hiding place with some other people, a baby started crying. Alicia rushed to stop the baby, but a few minuted later, two SS men burst open the door, shot the baby in the head, and sent everyone in the hiding place to the firing squad. One of Alicia's friends from the hiding place got a hold of a gun, and started shooting at the SS men. Alicia ran for the woods when she saw this action occur. Alicia traveled to the countryside that was outside of Buczacz, and lived there for the remainder of the war; alone, hungry, thirsty. Quotes -"My parents, four brothers, and close relatives, numbering about 80, were all killed by Germans and their collaborators."
-"During my struggle, I was able to save several Jewish lives, as well as two groups of Russian partisians."
-"I escaped death several times. In our ghettos, as well as in all of our region, the Germans killed us in action."
Admiration I thoroughly admire Alicia Jurman, because she is had a tough life, but managed to survive through all the bad things that were bestowed upon her. All of her family died, she had no close relatives to go to after the war was over, because they were all killed; 80 people down the line. She was only 15 years old when the war ended, and she had absolutely nobody to go to for comfort, nobody to support her, and nobody to love her. This would be a very tough life to live, but despite all the bad things that happened to her, she still keeps a positive attitude to this day, speaking to different groups of people across the country about her experiences. Alicia was awarded a medal by the Russian's after the war was over, for her act of heroism when she saved the two groups of Russian partisians. -https://bashapedia.pbworks.com/w/page/13960088/Alicia%20Appleman-Jurman -http://www.datasync.com/~davidg59/alicia.html -http://www.annefrankwall.org/holocaustspeakers/profilealicia.html -http://www.google/images
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