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The Mark of Athena

No description

Bria Dox

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena

The Exposition A. The Protagonist of this story is Annabeth. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom. She is super intelligent and loves architecture, and hates spiders and the goddess Hera (who is responsible for taking away her boyfriend Percy). She is about 17-18 years old. The best inciting incident ever! All is going well with the Romans and the Greeks, until Leo is taken over by an eidolon (evil possessing spirits) and bombs the Romans. Then the Romans start chasing the Argo II, and the rising action begins. A. The weird thing is that the inciting incident doesn't have anything to do with the main conflict. The main conflict is, Annabeth is given a coin and a map to lead her to "the Path", except that no one has ever gotten through the path alive before. She has to find this path and find and recover the Statue at the end of the path, all while being chased by angry Romans. The Mark of Athena B. The story takes place in the present time, mostly on the Argo II, at Camp Jupiter, and on "The Path". I know that it is in the present day because during the second book, Son of Neptune, they mention ipods and cell phones. C. The mood of the book is suspense, danger, and excitement. Rick Riordan leaves the most exciting cliffhangers ever. If you look at the clues he places, then you always know something is about to happen. I didn't want to put this book down. During the exposition, the Argo II lands above Camp Jupiter and you meet the Romans, Percy, and Terminus. Then you learn that the Romans are not always nice. The Mark of Athena By: Rick Riordan Presentation by: Bria Dox
period 2 The Climax I think that the climax of the story is When Annabeth opens up the pit to Tartarus while rescuing the statue and it starts to pull them in. The webbing of the floor gives way, and they try to reach the ship. The pit pulls in Arachne, thankfully getting her out of their way, but it also pulls in Percy and Annabeth while the Argo II tries to rescue them. A. In the end, Annabeth reaches the final room of the path, and meets Arachne. Arachne is a Giant Spider and is the enemy of all children of Athena (children of Athena are terrified of spiders), and she guards The Statue. Annabeth tricks her into weaving a trap for herself and Arachne gets caught in her own trap. While in the trap, Arachne tries to colapse the room while Annabeth tries to rescue the statue. When the room caves in, the Argo II comes in and tries to rescue Annabeth and the Statue. Archne falls into Tartarus, and the Statue is safe. Annabeth changes in few ways throughout the story. One of those ways is her fear of spiders, and Arachne. The entire story she is running from and worrying about spiders, and she is so scared when she meets spiders on the path. After defeating Arachne, she isn't as afraid of spiders anymore. The Fall
g action. The last scene of the book is after Percy and Annabeth fell into the Pit. Leo, Hazel, and Nico are talking about the Pit and Annabeth and Percy falling into Tartarus. Nico and Hazel are children of Hades (the god of the underworld), and they say that Percy and Annabeth are still alive, falling down the bottomless Pit of Evil, and that is the end of the book. Like I said before, Rick Riordan leaves the best cliffhangers EVER! I can't wait for the next book!!! Flashback... For those of you who do not know, this series is writen from the point of view of several minor characters as well as the protagonist. During this book, Hazel has different flashbacks on her previous life (Hazel is a returned spirt from the underworld). one of the times she has a blackout (flashback), she shows Leo one day at her school, the last day she saw Sammy. She was hoping that Leo would know who she Sammy was, because they looked so alike. they see Sammy go over to her and stop some kids from bulling her, and then pick up her diamond she made and put it in his pocket (you learn that Hazel's jems are cursed in book two, The Son of Neptune). Then the flashback changes and you see Sammy all grown up, telling baby Leo that he is his great grandfather. Rick Riordan inculdes this Flashback because he wants you to see the connection of Hazel's first boyfriend to Leo because they look so alike. This solves a lot of questions for those of you who have read Son of Neptune. Irony. On pages 198-199, "After the V.I.P. treatment... I promised to tell you everything you need to know. The thing is, however, you really don't need to know anything... You're V.I.P.s - Very Important Prisoners!" Rick Riordan inculdes this to give another action scene to the book. After he says that, Percy and Frank start fighting Porky (the person who said the V.I.P. statement above) and they get trapped in there.
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