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Arab Millenials: Technology & Transformation Beyond the Arab Spring

No description

Yoland Ouiya

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Arab Millenials: Technology & Transformation Beyond the Arab Spring

Technology & Transformation
Beyond the Arab Spring A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind
to another.

An image, video, etc that is passed electronically from one internet user to another. Makers of the Meme #SidiBouzid - #Jan25 - #Tahrir - #Feb14 - #Bahrain - #lulu - #Feb17 #Libya - #Feb20 - #Syria - #Daraa 1998 2007 2005 1997 2005 Arab Web Global Web Ali Abdulemam creates Bahrain Online, mobilizing protests and
opposition to the ruling monarchy. 2000 Launch of online magazine TUNeZINE, later shut down by censors 2004 Ahmed Omran launches the Saudi Jeans blog (cc) image by jantik on Flickr (cc) image by jantik on Flickr (cc) images by Mostafa Sheshtawy on Flickr (cc) images by Mosa'aberising on Flickr American John Barger coined the term ‘weblog,’ later shortened to ‘blog’ 2003 MySpace created Facebook created 2004 Global Voices created, bridging English and Arabic language bloggers YouTube created

Global Voices created as a blogger community, bridging English and Arabic language activists 2006 Noha Attef starts the ‘Torture in Egypt’ blog documentingpolice brutality, spawning efforts like Piggipedia, a Flikr accountdocumenting abuse by State Security. 2006 Facebook opens to the world.

Twitter created

YouTube purchased by Google for $1.6 billion 2007 July :: Moroccan citizenjournalist ‘Targuist Sniper’ files YouTube videos capturing policebribery

December :: Fouad al Farhan ‘the dean of Saudi bloggers,’ isarrested in Jeddah. 2008 First Arab Bloggers Meeting in Tunisia Facebook passes 50 million users 2009 Arab web hits 35,000 active blogs

Blogger Asser Yasser is sexually harassed in her Cairo neighborhood, sparking an online firestorm of around women’s rights

Arrest of Syrian blogger Tal al Mallohi
Second Arab Bloggers Conference 2009 #IranElection fuses journalism and Twitter, State Dept asks Twitter to stay open to facilitate the digital flow of information around events in Iran 2010 June :: Death of Khaled Said galvanizes Egypt, online and in the streets

September :: Blogger Wael Khalil catches a doctored photo ofMubarak, switching places with Obama in a lineup of world leaders 2011 Millennials lead a series of revolutions across the Arab world,using social media to organize and publicize protests.

Third Arab Bloggers Conference in Tunisia 2011 Facebook passes 650 million users What Made engaged, empowered by -isms, ideological
high that ended in jaded, cynical apathy Generational Personalities
in the Arab World confident, collaborative, optimistic, hyper-connected,
digital natives, deeply frustrated, and they challenge everything Satellite TV Returning University Graduates Global Web/
Content Contact Offline Civic Engagement Meet the Millenials Ramy Raoof (1978-2000) Areeja Khan conformist, civic-minded

rebellious, anti-establishment

savvy, entrepreneurial loners Generational Personalities
in the US confident, collaborative, optimistic, politically progressive, hyper-connected, digital natives, tolerant, but they challenge everything (1981-2000) Mark Zuckerberg Tech Culture: The New American Soft Power The Millenial Political Play Regime Islamist Third Pot Regime Islamist Third Pot Third Pot Islamists Mainstream Millenial Culture Tech Culture Political Culture Will Jordan look more like
the internet in 20 years? It already does.
The culture has already changed. …that Looks More Like the Internet Meanwhile,
Millenials are Building a Society… • One Million ID Cards Campaign
• Cinema Tahrir
• Masrana Apathy, fatalism Millenials = Mindset Shift Arab blogging proliferates, with an estimated 25,000 active sites

May :: Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd el Fattah is arrested, spurring the #FreeAlaa campaign #IranElection fuses journalism and Twitter Saudi Arabia is shaken online and off by Jeddah Floods, shaking governance December :: Arab Spring launches with the death of TunisianMohammed Bouazizi, rising on Twitter as #sidibouzid Web Forums/ Arab Digital Discourse Musayyir Mukhayyir State of no choice State of free choice Engagement, ownership ARAB MILLENNIALS The Arab Digital Vanguard: Definition: 1) 2) the Millennial Mindset? Silent Generation Baby Boomers Gen X First Round Revolutionaries conformist, passive, pessimistic,
marked by ‘learned helplessness’ Silent Generation (up to 1946) (1946-1964) (1965-1980) (1950-1977) (1930-1950) { events of the day + impact of peers cohort
effect reinforcing common Millennial culture Arab Web puts the Global Web
to Work 2008 First Arab
in Tunisia Millennials Millennials Jacob Appelbaum Ethan Zuckerman Consider the Question: Answer: Wael Attili Thank You Lara Setrakian Yoli Ouiya Balázs Turai Written by
Designed by
Edited by
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