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Catching Fire

Rennick, Tivinis, Cameron, Aleckna, Costello, Spaulding

Shannon Rennick

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Catching Fire

Major Themes
Catching Fire

By: Suzanne Collins

Central Conflicts
Katniss is unknowingly the face and driving force of an upcoming rebellion against the Capitol.
Katniss is in a constant battle with trying to satisfy President Snow's expectations to protect her loved ones while defying the Capitol.
Katniss struggles with the constant battle between her love for both Peeta and Gale.
Katniss must face the Capitol once again and not only for her survival, but all the Districts' as well.

Favorite Part 1
“Duck!, Finnick commands in such a powerful voice so different from his usual seductive purr, that I do. His trident goes whizzing over my head and there’s a sickening sound of impact as it finds its target. The man from District 5 , the drunk who threw up on the sword fighting floor, sinks to his knees as Finnick frees the trident from his chest.”

Explanation: This is one of our favorite parts because it was not only a very intense scene, but it was important as well. This is the first time that we learn that Finnick is an ally of Katniss. The imagery of this scene helped create a better understanding of the circumstances in the arena.
Favorite Part 2
“I carefully finger paint the words on its body, concealing them from view. Then I step away quickly to watch the reaction on the Gamemakers’ faces as they read the name on the dummy.
Seneca Crane. The effect on the Gamemakers is immediate and satisfying. Several let out small shrieks.”

Explanation: This is one of our favorite parts because she has yet again rebelled to the game makers. This excerpt shows why Katniss is the mocking jay and symbol for the rebellion. Her courage and bravery to stand up to the Capitol through various acts with no thought of repercussions proves this.
Global Issues
Catching Fire is set in Panem which is split into 12 Districts, and the capitol.
-The capitol is the pinnacle of Panem.
-The distribution of wealth separates the districts into communities of rich and poor.
-District 12 is where the main characters Katniss and Peeta live.
- The hovercraft is their form of transportation. It takes them to the arena where the hunger games take place.
- The Quarter Quell Arena is where most of the action takes place. There, the victors fight to the death to stay alive and ultimately win the game.

Sacrifice is an important theme that is seen not only throughout
Catching Fire
, but it is seen in the first book as well. For example, Katniss sacrifices her life for her little sister, Prim's, life by volunteering in her place as a tribute in the Hunger Games. Sacrifice in
Catching Fire
, can be seen in Katniss' determination to keep Peeta alive in the arena. She is willing to sacrifice her own life in order for him to outlast the other victors.
Media is also an important theme throughout the novel since it is used to control the minds of Panem through manipulation. President Snow and the leaders of the Capitol use media to hide secrets and to control what the citizens knows. For example, the Capitol edited old footage of District 13 to make the districts believe that it still destroyed. You later find out that District 13 is the home base of a rebel movement and the Capitol uses this old footage to hide it.
Government Control
Government control is a major theme in
Catching Fire
since President Snow is able to enforce rules and control the lives of the citizens in the Districts. He uses the Hunger Games in order to strike fear in all the Districts and to remind everyone of his total control. When there are talks of an uprising throughout the Districts, he drastically increased the security measures in the Districts and his actions lead to poverty, starvation, and death throughout Panem.
"The prefect mix of intriguing symbolism and riveting action to create an almost perfect novel"
Ryan Spaulding
"An extremely powerful novel with action and suspense on every page. Once you start reading, you can't put it down"
Mike Tivinis
We would give this novel four and a half stars because we feel as though the action in the novel can intrigue readers of any age. The subtraction of half a star is the result of the slower beginning of the novel.
We would recommend this novel for all ages 16 and above.
This novel can be related to the novel "The Kite Runner" and how the Taliban mistreated those who were less powerful. This main idea is again presented in "Catching Fire" as the Capitol carries a strict rule over the twelve districts. Members of the districts are selected to fight and kill other humans in order to survive. Human Nature is to initially protect oneself, however, the strongest of people have he ability to defy human nature and help or support others. This is exactly what occurs in the entire Hunger Games series. Everyone is worried about themselves until Katniss goes to the Hunger Games to replace her sister, Prim. Katniss to proceeds to create an icon out of herself, supporting the twelve districts and defying the Capitol.
Discussion Questions
4. What do you think is going to happen in the next book, Mockingjay? Do you think the Capitol will be destroyed? If so, how?
We believe there will be a war between the rebels and the Capitol but there will be little violence. We don’t think Suzanne Collins would want her readers to believe that violence must be necessary in order to change such a situation. We predict that President Snow will be eliminated along with the Capitol and the Districts will come together and make their own country.
3. Now that we know that District 13 exists, what exactly do you think is there? And why has the Capitol kept it a secret?
"A rip-roaring novel that kept me intrigued from cover to cover. One of the best books I have ever read."
Tyler Costello
I think located in District 13 is an advanced military base that has grown over the years and become self sufficient. I think the Capitol kept it a secret in order to prevent future revolutions or uprisings. It was stated in the book that District 13 produced nuclear weapons and I believe there could be a stockpile of these weapons in District 13 ready to be fired at the Capitol.
Discussion Questions
1. Why does President Snow come to Katniss’s home? What does he mean when he says, “you have provided a spark which left unattended may grow into an inferno....”
President Snow comes to Katniss's home to pretty much threaten her. He explains that if she does not to prove to him that her "love" for Peeta is what made her hold out the berries and not the fact of defying the Capitol then he will harm the people she loves. He does this because he knows the talk of rebellion is stirring in the Districts and he wants to try and prove to the people that Katniss is not the symbol of hope and defiance.
2. . What is the significance of the mockingjay image? What does it mean to the people in the Districts and the people in the Capitol? Why does Plutarch Heavensbee show Katniss the hidden mockingjay image on his watch? .
The mockingjay image is the biggest symbol of hope in this novel. To everyone in the Districts Katniss is the mockingjay and leader of the rebellion. This is why Cinna makes Katniss's dress turn into a mockingjay when she spins around. Everybody was watching, and to the people in the Districts this was a very reassuring sign that the rebellion was real. To the people in the Capitol they just thought Katniss looked beautiful and that it has no meaning. Except of course President Snow knew what it meant and was set over the edge when the dress was revealed.
"The perfect combination of entertainment, excitement and symbolism to make an unforgettable read"


"Collins intrigues her audience with an even amount of suspense, action, and romance. This sequel is enjoyable for an audience of all ages."
Shannon Rennick
5. Do you think Peeta will be executed now that he is still captured by the Capitol?
We all agreed that Peeta will be spared in order for the Capitol to have some leverage over Katniss. Peeta will probably not be living in great conditions. It is even possible that we could be tortured in order to send signs to Katniss.
'A truly inspiring novel that was able to stimulate my imagination to a world separate from our own'

~ Nick Aleckna
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