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Environmental Timeline

No description

caitlin broccuto

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Timeline

By: Caitlin Broccuto Environmental Timeline 1930 - 1950 1970's 1980's 1990's Killer smog in Meuse River Valley, Belgium. Temperature inversion kept sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. 63 died and thousands were made ill. 1930 1933 Dust bowl storm began in the mid-west 1937 Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. The act created a federal tax on sporting arms and ammunition and earmarked the money for states to use in wildlife management and research. 1948 Air pollution disaster at Donora, Pennsylvania. Killed 20 and sickened 7,000 1960's 1961 World Wildlife Fund founded 1964 Congress creates National Wilderness Preservation System. The system initially contained 9.1 million acres of wild lands, but by 2001 there were about 90 million acres of wilderness preserved in the United States. 1965 Congress passes Water Quality Act setting standards for states. 1967 Torrey Canyon oil tanker crashes off the coast of England resulting in a spill of over 29 million gallons of oil devastating the coastlines of England and France. 1970 First nationwide Earth Day. Organized by Sen. Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. 1972 First regional treaty to regulate dumping of radioactive wastes negotiated among northern European nations 1975 Energy policy and conservation act promotes energy conservation 1976 The Land Institute founded in Salinas, Kansas 1981 Ocean Arks International founded by John Todd 1983 US Congress passes International Environmental Protection Act 1985 British scientist Joe Farman publishes discovery of ozone hole over Antarctica. 1986 Chemical spill in Basel, Switzerland creates massive fish kill in Rhine River through Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 1991 UN Antarctica treaty prohibits mining, limits pollution and protects animal species. 1992 Supertanker Braer spills 26 million gallons of crude oil in the Hebrides islands 1995 Paul Cruzen, Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland win Nobel prize for their work on ozone depletion by chlorofluorocarbons. 1998 Nearly 3,000 tons of Taiwanese toxic waste were dumped in a field in the southern port of Sihanoukville., Cambodia. 2000 - 2012 2000 Rain forest logging banned in New Zealand following a 30 year campaign by environmental groups. 2007 Argentina New law stops timbering in native forests of Argentina following an environmental campaign gathering 1.5 million petitions for forest protection. 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. one of the largest petroleum related accidents in history. 2011 Nuclear reactor melt-downs, explosions and spent fuel fires at the Fukushima power complex create a major disaster for public health and environment as well as Japan’s economy.
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