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Thomas Alva Edison

No description

Brian Abbott

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Alva Edison

Work Experience
Status Update
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When he was 12 (or 1859) he started selling newspapers near a railroad line.
When he turned 15 (1862) he started working for a Telegraphing Company
In 1868 (he is 21 now) he designed and patented the first Electronic Voting Recorder which was quickly shot down.
When he was 22 Universal Stock Printer bought his Improved Stock Ticker (which synchronized their transactions) for $40,000
In 1880 he got the grant for the light bulb and started companies to provide electricity to everyone.
In 1887 he built his own research lab and perfected his phonograph, the alkaline battery, and the first motion picture cameras
After that he contributed a little bit everywhere till he died in 1931.
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Helping People
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Was Enrolled in Public Education for 12 Weeks Before Being labeled as "difficult" to teach.
After that he was home schooled till he was 11
When he started working he read more and tended to self-educate himself
Lived In
Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio.
In 1854 him and his family moved to Port Huron, Michigan
In 1866 he moved to Louisville, Kentucky
In 1868 he moved back to Port Huron, Michigan to take care of his ill mother and father.
After that he bounced around wherever he found fit opening business and creating inventions.
Brian Abbott, Jr
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Inventor, Father, and Business Giant
Thomas Alva Edison
Ms. Fenton

Thomas Edison Died in 1931 from complications of diabetes.
When he did pass away, everyone in America either dimmed their lights or turned them off completely in honor of him.
He was married twice. Once to Mary Stilwell in 1871 and after she passed away from a brain tumor he married Nina Miller in 1886.
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