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NF Home Front ww1 (NPA)

No description

A Sabo

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of NF Home Front ww1 (NPA)

Newfoundland's Home front during the First World War: The Newfoundland Patriotic Association, Class Division and its Impact on War Effort 1914-18
war effort
coalition government
Naval Reserve Force
St. John's
Townies vs. Baymen
Davidson > Morris
Members and Committees
*removal of party politics from war effort
NPA ignorant of outport lifestyle, recruitment shaped by prejudice
*economy driven by fishery
*men required for a lot of the work
*men required seasonally - some year round
*some towns too far from NPA branches or railway
*transportation/food/board to get to St. John's
*wage labour
*overpopulation of available workers
*jobs could be taken over by other family members
*some positions were held for employees (with pay)
*epicenter of war effort (training camp, enlistment office)
*largely ignored in terms of "war effort"
*2000 volunteers- mostly outport men
*influence of Coaker
*1 July, 1916 took any and all concerns from RNRF
*sale of steamships
*problems with shipping and supply
*increase in cost of living
*announced 16 July, 1917
*all party = National Government
*dept of Militia
*Dismantled NPA
St. John's pro/ outports against
profiteering was anything but patriotic-working class
*merchant class
*working class
FPU leaders eventually felt conscription was beneficial- went against what FPU members stood for- breakup in organization
*based out of St. John's (even outport branches)
*elite businessmen, politicians, religious leaders, journalists, cadet corps
*serving St. John's- poor communication to outports
"an admission of incompetence"
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