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Protesting Vietnam

Social Studies Project about protesting the Vietnam War for numerous reasons

Zachary Young

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Protesting Vietnam

Protesting Vietnam
by Zachary Young
About Protesting Vietnam
In 1964, the United States wasn't majorly involved in the Vietnam War until they launched torpedo boats at two U.S. destroyers. America declared war against Vietnam in 1964. The protesting first began when the United States increased the amount of drafted soldiers by 30,000. As a show of rebellion, people burned their draft papers, took part in protest rallies, and threw away their war medals. Many soldiers were either injured or killed. Protesters were furious. A chain of events occurred including songs, speeches, and protests.
"Resist the Draft, Don't Register!"
During the Vietnam war,these protesters made a stand when the United States drafted soldiers. The rebels encouraged other people to resist the draft. One of the thousands of men was the pro boxer Muhammad Ali. All of them hated the draft since so many people were being forced to join the deadly war. There is no bias.
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
In 1969, the band Creedence Clearwater created the famous song, Fortunate Son. It is widely known today still. Many movies incorporate this song with war scenes. The song depicts a son who was furious at his country for making him sacrifice his life for the rich just to fight in a war. He doesn't want to live life in the Vietnam war. There is some bias since the rich don't have to go to the war.
Vietnam Veterans Protesting
The short clip shows an angry soldier giving a rant of why things are wrong. A stack of medals was beside him containing the protesters dumped medals. The speaker was rewarded the third highest medal. In the speech, the man thought of the medal as useless. People had died for him to get his reward. He showed rebellion by throwing his trophy out into the crowd. There isn't any bias.
John Kerry's Anti- War Speech
John Kerry explains that President Nixon just wants to win the war so he isn't the first president to lose the war. John exposed the United States of what they are truly doing. They were making unnecessary drafts and were covering up their mistakes without admitting their failure. The United States was basically asking someone to die in a war in a different way. There isn't any bias in this.
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